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Amputee Tamra- "Things are Different Now"

Documentary shows her crutching and using her peg leg. She explains being an amputee and the sensations she has.
Amputee [DAK] Fakty 16-11-2012.flv

Pretty DAK amputee demonstrates her abilities on stubbie style prosthetics. I do believe it works better then a pair of c-legs.
Amputee [DAK] 1st Surf-skate workout.mp4

Pretty DAK amputee learning to use her skateboard.
Amputee Barbie- Summer colors

Hope you all enjoy and have fun mixing and matching the colors. This is the link to the PANTONE TALKS SPRING 2014 COLOR…
Amputee Natalie, Rebecca and Nadia are out on crutches

The amputees Nadia, Rebecca and Natalie are out in Town. The new videoclip from my website with my new onelegged partners Rebecca and Nadia…
Tamra LBK

Tamra LBk hopping around on one leg and then crutching.
Amputee in Purple 3 inch Heel, Open Toe. Amputee Woman

Please Like and Subscribe for Updates. I made one last attempt at the last heel That I wore. This is simple, without hose, and is an open toed…
b+c Sara promo-video at the mall

Sara -- on a shopping walk in a Mall - full version at our shop:…

Protesis regulable.
Walking with Prosthetic Leg. Amputee Woman

2014 2014 Britta female dak double above knee amputee swimming. PLEASE SUBSCRİBE MY CHANNEL!!! amputee women 2013,amputee women with hooks,amputee
Dogs Drag Me Onto the Floor! Amputee Bites the Dust

My older dog is really strong, and decides to bring me down a notch or two..Lots of fun and laughs here! Thanks to my daughter who joins in. We had a…
amputee crutching on the grass

Wish i could have a look to her stump under the long dress.
sak falling
Amputee documentary
b+c Sara promo differente

one more promo from Sara, see her beauty, in very different styles more infos and shop at:
McK. H. [RHD] - swimming.mp4

Amputee RHP swimming.

Amputee SAK.
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