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One handed football player inspires FOX 4 News is a FOX-owned station serving Dallas-Fort Worth and all of North Texas.
Meet the armless Egyptian table tennis champion Ibrahim hamato
Egyptian table tennis player Ibrahim Hamato lost his arms in an accident when he was 10 years old. However he didn’t want to give up his favourite sport, and learnt how to play holding his paddle with his mouth. He can be seen…
Amazing Asian (Ree Lu) Playing Piano

This is the one and only Ree Lu at the age of 15-16 at SUU playing the piano before a swim meet.
Meet the armless ping-pong champion who says 'nothing is impossible'

After losing both his arms in a train accident when he was just 10 years old, Ibrahim al-Husseiny Hamato, has had to overcome many challenges, just in day-to-day life. But with a steely determination and his motto “nothing is impossible” Hamato has…
Family Guy- Peter leaves his little league with a pedophile

Meet Surf-ice Dog Ricochet's Talented Canine Sister, Rina!

Arden Moore, founder of and host of the Oh Behave show on Pet Life, captures fun at the dog surf school in Del Mar, Calif. Here, she speaks with Judy...
Inspirational Man-Born With No Arms- Drives His Impala-Works For NASCAR Racing Team

Think Superman, think Spider man, think of all the superheroes you've ever read about in comic books or watched on TV. Well, all of them pales in comparison to this brother who goes by the...
In cold blood: meet the ice swimmers

If someone asked you to take a plunge into ice-cold water, in the middle of winter, you might think it would be a deeply unpleasant experience. But what if it turned out to cure fever, depression and even cancer?
Tell ME You Can't!

Working out at Anytime Fitness with my personal trainer, Drew. Although it was not planned, the owner of this and several other gyms, Mark Stevens, met me as we went in. Check out my blog,...
The Houstons: On Our Own _ Swim Meet

The Houstons: On Our Own series page at
Bobbi Kristina Brown leaves her cousin's swim meet before it's over, much to Pat's displeasure.
Kyle Maynard - Born without arms or legs - Wrestler

Kyle Maynard was born without arms or legs. Despite that unthinkable challenge, Kyle had an impressive winning record as a university wrestler. he also owns a CrossFit gym and has climbed Mount...
Swim Meet in the Heat
Loiter Squad First episode

Hope you guys like it if you enjoy any of it please click the like buttom copyright video. owner of the vid K.D made my johnbuck13.
My First Swim meets

This is a montage of my first swim meets from Winter 2012-13
One arm bandit gets blasted by water balloon assassin

During a mission trip in Masaya, Nicaragua I saw the security guard get the balloon prepared so I new something was up. The video tells the rest of the story. Both the child and the one armed...
This man has no legs!

I thought this guy had no legs!
swim meet
Water Balloon Prank Fail Vine By  Paige Hecker

Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe Austin Miles Bottlerocket Christopher Rourke Cody Johns Curtis Lepore Eh Bee Eric Dunn Eric Stonestreet FAU Vlog J Hughes Jackson Holland...
Chris @ Special Olympics Swim Meet

Shower Pranks: Scaring & Pissing People off in the Bathroom (Click link in DESC for playlist)

Playlist begins here: SpotterPranks brings you the absolute funniest, most hilarious, pranks from all over YouTube! Instead of spending hours trying to find the best pranks...
swim meet at normal park

Hanson's last swim meet at normal park
Man with No Arms and Legs Goes on Oprah to Share the Gospel

Man with No Arms and Legs Goes on Oprah to Share the Gospel.
Meet the ice swimmers!

If someone asked you to take a plunge into ice-cold water, in the middle of winter, you might think it would be a deeply unpleasant experience. But what if it turned out to cure fever, depression and even cancer?
Brave double amputee Jessy Hatch gets new running legs

She had the toughest of starts in life, but now nine-year-old Jessy Hatch has a smile that can light up any room. Double amputee Jessy, from Phoenix, Arizona, was born a methamphetamine...
Meet the armless ping-pong champion who says 'nothing is impossible'

As protest numbers swelled in Hong Kong on Wednesday (October 1), scores of volunteers worked behind the scenes to keep the crowds well stocked with supplies and ensure protesters remain on their best behaviour. At the many areas where protesters…
Torso Man

From his latest hit Ice Age the melt down -Peter Gaulke is a favorite of joel's and BS - does his most well known performance for joelsamuelpresents circa 1985.
Woman Meets Whale | Incredible Whale Encounter

While swimming in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Maui, Hawaii, this tourist gets a once in a lifetime encounter with a giant Whale. Best vacation ever.
Legless wrestling champ Isaiah Bird, 6, inspires others

A young wrestler from Long Beach who has no legs is captivating audiences with his moves on the mat. Isaiah Bird, 6, was born with a defect that left him without legs. His personal battles...
Upstate swim meet hosts 600 swimmers; makes big impact

More than 600 swimmers from 12 different states are making a big splash in Greenville.
Fred Figglehorn - Christmas is Creepy (Fred's real voice)

This is not Fred's real voice ;D I just slowed voice. Enjoy ;D SUBSCRIBE LYRICS: OOOOOH You know what I'm sayin? Yeah Kinda Strange If a snowman came to life That would be...
Headlines: Phelps falls short in comeback meet

“CBS This Morning: Saturday” takes a look at some of the headlines from around the globe.
Farmington NM Photographer Shutterfreek - featuring Sundance Dental at San Juan College Health Fair

Adrian Romero, Sundance Director of Communications, spearheaded the efforts to participate in this year Health & Wellness Fair at San Juan College. Sundance had an outstanding response from...
Teen amputee among local candidates up for hero award

A teenage quadruple amputee in Kelso is a candidate for a new set of wheels. Nick Porter, 17, is in the running for the National Mobility Awareness Month hero award. If he gets enough online...
Matt Stutzman, USA Paralympics archer

USA Paralympics Archer Matt Stutzman of Fairfield shoots on his home range and speaks of the competition in London.