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Girls Almost Crushed By Elevator

Amazingly, they are saved by a shoe.
Policeman escapes after being crushed under car

A policeman escapes serious injury after being crushed by a runaway car in China. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at
Crushed Under Car

Idiot hits the wrong thing while working on a car.
Farmer crushed under tractor's tires

Farmer crushed under tractor's tires
Crushed by a Car

Mechanic gets crushed under a car.
How to tie your shoes in under 1 second

pretty nifty
Head of Man Horribly Crushed When He Falls Under Truck

Man falls.
He gets crushed.
He dies.
Crushed Under Car

This idiot leans on the car jack and accidentally causes the car to come crushing down on the mechanic.
Fatal accident: Woman crushed to death under 20 tons of gravel in freak accident in California

Lindsey Combs, 32, was fatally crushed by a gravel truck in her California home driveway Tuesday afternoon.

The accident occurred when Combs was asked to move her car for a city sidewalk restoration project. However, while still inside…
SUV Driver Crushed under truck

He runs into the back of a truck At 70MPH
Mechanic Crushed Under Car

Mechanic Crushed Under Car farkı ile...
Car Gets Crushed By Semi-Truck

A car is crushed under the weight of a semi, and the person inside the car survives!
Mars Alien Crushed Under Fossilized Tree Trunk. ArtAlienTV - 738p

Mars Alien Crushed Under Fossilized Tree Trunk. ArtAlienTV - 738p
Bicyclist run over and crushed by dump truck

Apparently neither the truck driver or the bicyclist were paying much attention. - RIP
Graduating student crushed under cement mixer

Malagim na trahedya ang sinapit ng isang graduating college student habang nag-aabang ng masasakyan kanina sa Quezon City.
Policeman escapes after being crushed under car

A policeman escapes serious injury after being crushed by a runaway car in China.
Two youth crushed to death under train | Mohali

Two youth crushed to death under train | Mohali
She Is Such A Ball Buster

This guy really gets a kick out of ballbusting.
Rajaram Ramachandran - A bud crushed under the foot

The day’s newspaper shook my heart.
I can only shed a tear on my part.
A heartless father shot his daughter.
It was like an animal slaughter.

Her love for a boy was the cause.
She married him as her choice,
Fat Guy Under A Golf Cart

While unloading a golf cart, the guy on the back gets taken for a ride
Life threatening sport - men crushed under a tractor at Kila Raipur

Participants volunteer to have the large wheels of a laden Farmtrac tractor run over them!

Only in India and Only in Punjab!

Kila Raipur Festival or Rural Olympics is a very popular annual sports meet. An interesting part of…
Man Cheats Death

A guy in his car gets completely crushed under a semi and come away with only minor injuries.
Man crushed to Death under Wheelbarrow

Freak Accident.
Underwater Base Jump

This guy leaps in the abyss as a form of extreme sport. I was waiting for the crushing part!
Mechanic Crushed Under Car


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man get crushed under a taxi cab in Montreal Québec

They messed with the wrong taxi driver...
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Ballbuster game

The announcer sounds like a Perv. Bust those balls!
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Game title Fail Ballbuster the game

Check out this lame game from 1975
Kicked In The Nuts World Record Holder

Real ballbuster!
Pole Vault Fail

ballbusting blooper!

crushes head into gutter
The Epitome of Thug Life

Game over, bitches.

Guy talks about shoes
Chair Tied Jet Ski Prank

A rope is tied to a Jet Ski and a chair and pulled out from under John while drinking and fishing. Hahaha he had on his shoes.