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The Boston Crabs - You Didn't Have To Be So Nice - 1966 45rpm

The Cambridge groups' take of the John Sebastian/Lovin' Spoonful song.
Irish whip wrestling move, missile dropkick and boston crab female Japan

Irish whip wrestling move, missile dropkick, boston crab female Japan, figure 4 leg lock female and choking female wrestling. Submission wrestling female Japanese (irish whip wrestling move, missile dropkick, boston crab female Japan, figure 4 leg…
Peeper's punishmnet
Jose Ganetti v Steve Hunt

Superhot adonis Jose Ganetti is taking a sensual shower. Horny cutie Steve Hunt is peeping him from the door, and starts to work on his crotch. Suddenly, Jose…
The Boston Crabs - Down In Mexico [1965]

The Boston Crabs Down In Mexico Capitol 5493 1965.
Gay wrestling on MTV -Wrestlehard presents-Brute Beast Battle Terminator destroys Muscle Champion

These 2 huge Champion Bodybuilders cannot resist a Pose-off to start, which quickly becomes a full blown Body Worship and Oil session.

The Boston Crabs - Gin House - 1966 45rpm

The Cambridge groups' take of the old bluesy number from the twenties, first recorded by Bessie Smith. Also it was chosen as Amen Corner's first single in '67.
Muscle fighters

Shower Fight !
Brocky Brown v Claudio Antonelli

Superhot bodybuilding competitor Brocky is spreading oil to his amazing body in the shower. Musclegod Claudio appears with a soap in his hands and looks…
The Boston Crabs - Gin house

45 (1966) (c) Columbia As stated under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment,news, reporting, teaching, scholarship,...
Military wrestling 2
Newcomers David Excalibur v Jeffrey Branson

Video starts with Adonis newcomer David, cleaning his military boots. Superhot young newcomer musclegod Jeffrey appears and he tries to force…
The Boston Crabs - Who? - 1965 45rpm

B-side of the Cambridgeshire(?) bands' first 45 'Down In Mexico'
Wrestlehard with the Mangiatti twins presents-First time ever in WrestleHard - A very dirty and unfair 2-on-1 video !!
Supercute Mangiatte twins start an underground style wrestling in the new abandoned and broken down basement ring. Referee and bodybuilder…
AJW Boston Crabs and other Grinding holds 27.wmv

Ok - we're on a roll. Following the last Takako Inoue match in compilation 26, i remembered 2 other classics featuring Takako in my collection - and such is the array of crabs and grinding...
The Battle of
THE BATTLE OF THE GIANTS (230lbs. v 250lbs.)
Chris Stone v NEWCOMER Zsolt

6'5" tall newcomer muscleman Zsolt is lifting a barell. Suddenly, Superstar Hunk, Chris Stone appears. He's very mad because he heard…
SPHB - Historic Goal Horns - Boston Crabs Goal Horn

Goal horn of the Boston Crabs.
Rough wrestling with Max

Max Summers v Alfredo Castaldo

Sadistic guard, Alfredo, forces the giant titan prisoner, Max, to do push-ups as a punishment. The guard is yelling and tries everything to cause hard times for poor Max…
AJW Boston Crabs and other Grinding Holds 26.wmv

Here we go again, folks - more of the stuff we love. Pretty much the entire second half of this upload is given over to a truly classic match betweenTakako Inoue and our old friend Manami Toyota....
Dirty wrestling coach

In this video, bodybuilder coach Alfredo Castaldo teaches a young rookie, uber-fit, pure leaned muscle fighter, Tom Taylor, some manners.

It starts with a forced workout with lots of push ups, ribcage kicks, push down with feet, sit-ups…
Japanese pro womens wrestling boston crabs & grinding holds 45.wmv

It's Friday grind-time all :) Notice I've dropped the "AJW" from the title - that's because the clips will be increasingly a mix of more modern Japanese matches as well as the classic AJW's...
Wrestling Audition
Wrestling Audition - Winner takes all !

NEWCOMER Kelvin Sanchez v Enrico Belaggio

Scene starts as Master Dane checking out newcomer tough guy, Kelvin Sanchez and a current mainstay in his stable, the…
The Boston Crabs / As Long As I Have You

リヴァプールの若者たち 第3集 より。 寝台特急 日本海、京都駅0番線ホーム。
Max Summers v Jordano Monroe

Everybody's favorite hunky fighter Max starts with a workout. His muscular body and flexing amazes the arriving Jordano, our newcomer boy-next-door cutie fighter. He challenges Max for an armwrestling challenge for a test of strength.
AJW Classic Boston Crabs and other Grinding Holds 30.wmv

If you don't know what's coming now then I give up.. Series of clips from matches between tag-team partners Tateno Noriyo and Yamazaki Ituki followed by a much more recent match between two...
AJW Boston Crabs and other Grinding Holds 31.wmv

Its weekend grind-time fans! Last section of this humble offering is another classic between Manami Toyota and Toshida Yamada - a truly aggressive encounter. Comments appreciated as always :)
AJW Boston Crabs and other grinding holds 18.wmv

I suspect you'll know what's coming by now.... :)
AJW Classic Boston Crabs and other Grinding Holds 43.wmv

And here's the second upload promised.. The second half is a series of clips from an epic 1989 match between a very young Manami Toyota and Toshiyo Yamada; for all you crab lovers out there,...
AJW Womens wrestling boston crabs and other grinding holds 49.wmv

Can it REALLY be Friday Grind Time again already? And is this REALLY number 49?! Next one is the half-century of course.. Thanks for all your continued support - please don't let the comments...
AJW Boston Crabs and other Grinding Holds 40.wmv

An EPIC 20 minute upload to celebrate number 40.. Lots good stuff, hopefully covering many of the requests I've had for specific holds.. As always - enjoy - and comment PLEASE (even if you...
AJW Classic Boston Crabs and other Grinding Holds 39.wmv

Hello, again, people - it's Friday grind-time.. Goodly selection here I think - keep those comments coming back - the more I get, the quicker I'll do the next one!! :)
AJW Boston Crabs and other Grinding Holds 29.wmv

Another good variety of holds in this upload - but they ALL grind away :)
AJW Boston Crabs and other grinding Holds 25.wmv

2 in 2 days - can't see anyone complaining :) Can't believe I've reached number 25.. Thanks for the encouragement - lots yet to come, Good People. As always - enjoy the grinding holds we love;...
Boston Crab.avi

The Boston Crabs - Who (1965)

MUSIC RIGHTS DO NOT BELONG TO ME ! This is a video I made using existing footage. This is a non commercial music devotion project.I do not own any rights nor copyright to the music nor to the...
AJW Boston Crabs and other Grinding Holds 34.wmv

Hi there Grind-time fans - and what better way to celebrate the night before Christmas than with the longest compilation yet?! Full of all the holds you tell me you likeas much as I do. And...
AJW Boston Crabs and other Grinding Holds 35.wmv

Hello All - Hope Christmas was a good one! Can't be too many people out there that celebrated Christmas with a pro-style match with their partner but I guess we ARE unusual :) And I have a...
AJW Classic Boston Crabs and other Grinding Holds 42.wmv

And this upload includes a rare submission!! Look out for it at the end of a scary suspended ceiling hold.. Sorry its been 2 weeks - going to create 2 uploads to compensate today :) Is it...
AJW Boston Crabs and other Grinding Holds 36.wmv

Two in one day?! You betcha... :)
The Boston Crabs - You Didn't Have To Be So Nice (1966)

Not as obscure as some I've posted, but a great version nonetheless. Recorded from original 45.
The Boston Crabs - Who? [1965]

The Boston Crabs Who? Capitol 5493 1965.
"Boston Crabs" and Matt Hardy's debut
Boston Crabs As Long As I Have You.

Their 2nd release from 1965.
Fuck the Harlem shake the Boston crabs in town!

Chomping up the Harlem shake woot.
Boston Crabs Beerfest

Boston Crabs Beerfest.

Cage - Boston Baked Bitch

Response to Esoterics "Do It" ( Cage Diss )

Messed up.
Cage - Beverly Crabs