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Cigar smoking LeatherMan

Home from the Eagle finishing off a Cigar.
girl cigar April video 1
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Jean and leather cigar

Este video se subi� de un tel�fono Android.
hawayana cigar
Cigar Fox Takes A Trip To Honduras

An incredible look at Cigar Fox's trip to Honduras. Shots of the tobacco fields and rolling operations.

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Garage Uniform Cigar Smoke

Smoking up a nice pair of Damascus Gauntlets in the garage. Fuggin' roommates were complaining about the cigar smoke. Eh. But all leathered up in my high shi...
paire cigars
Rocky Patel Cigar Smoking Event CigarFox

Rocky Patel Visits the CigarFox Cigar Factory Outlet for a night of Cigars and Friends. For more information, please visit or
Black leather and Cigar

for the leather men.
benet smoking cigar

little cigar
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Last of the NYC Leathermen

The Eagle NYC is the last great outpost of New York's gay leather scene. Once the hardest, burliest, most cruisinest members of the gay community here and ev...
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Cigar and Gloves for a Drive

Had to drive and figured a long car trip deserved a big cigar. This is an Asylum 13. I was drawn to it by the size, a 70 x 7. When I read the description of ...
Nadsmoke cigar
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Cigar with Langlitz Creaking

The cigar version of that delightful creaking of Langlitz.
girl very nice smoke cigar

girl smoking cigar
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In Full Leather Working a Nub of a Cigar

It's late and night and I'm just too lazy to peel off the leather and I shouldn't have lit up that 3rd cigar but did anyway. I'm working the final nub of it ...
Angel cigar 2
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7-17 Birthday Cigar in Full Leather

A little late on the upload but was enjoyed on the date. Another year older, another year wiser - heck, even been called 'Daddy' lately at the bar. Was given...
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Cigar and Scotch in Gloves

Sitting back with a buddy over a cigar and scotch while prepping some gloves. This vid is for Dan. Thanks buddy. Entspanne mit einem Freund, bei einer Zigarr...
cigar restaurant
CigarFox Camacho Triple Maduro Cigar Review

Danny reviews the new-to-the-industry Camacho Triple Maduro Cigar from Honduras.

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Onyx Cigar Officer

Having a black Onyx cigar in black leather while smoking up a pair of gloves for another glove Bro.
girl cigar feb 2014
Cigar from CohibaMan

Well deserved cigar. Had a messy day what better way to chill than with a cigar. Hope you like. First video from my flat!
Leatherman 2014 Juice C2

VLOG Link: Facebook: Google+: Instagr...
MadTV girl puff a cigar
How To : Smoke A Cigar In A Pipe (Recycle Broken Cigars DON'T THROW THEM OUT)
Pagan cigar
Another Friday night Cigar

Just a quick Cigar Video.
Cigar Time
Cigar Langlitz  smoke

My last day as Mr Long Beach Leather. just in from the meet and greet. enjoying a marlboro, My langltiz and a Cigar.
E N Cell Phone Cigar
Getting Inked with a Cigar in Leather

What should one do when one has a broken arm? Get a tattoo! I'm just aching for pain. I present to you YouTube's first leather and cigar video while someone ...
Church  Her First Cigar
Chazz Leatherman & Aaron Duke

Chazz Leatherman interviwes Aaron Duke at San Franciscos' Dore Alley Fair for Sac Pride Live.
girl puffing cigar
Cigar Uniform Cop Punk

Ever wondered what happened to those unruly smoking skinheads and punks that spit all over? They grow up to enforce your laws so they can break 'em ;) Still ...
Smoking a Cigar while Riding the Harley in FULL LEATHER

A short break, taken on a six hour ride. Was wearing leather 501s, a Langlitz Colombia Jacket, police gloves, engineer boots, leather shirt, and a leather ba...
Gear Review: Leatherman Skeletool CX Multitool Knife

This is a quick review of the Skeletool CX by Leatherman. It is a great lightweight EDC multitool that will fit well into any kit.
Cigar Review : Cult (5X50 Robusto)