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Columbo  ( RIP Peter Falk 1927-2011 )

Peter Falk as Columbo Finally, the play was made into a two-hour television movie that aired on NBC in 1968. Mitchell had died, and the writers suggested Lee J. Cobb and Bing Crosby for the...

Avant qu'il ne sombre dans cette saleté de maladie d'Altzheimer...un homme et un acteur bien sympathique!
ColumboTribute (This old man)

In memory of Peter Falk (16.10.1927 - 23.06.2011) - R.I.P. Mr. Columbo.
Peter Falk as 'Columbo' roasts Frank Sinatra

Peter never ONCE drops out of character during this hilarious piece. Even Frank plays along. Classic.
Peter Falk (1927-2011)  R.I.P.

A tribute to Peter Falk, who sadly has died aged 83. He was nominated twice for Oscars in the 1960's, but is best known for his portrayal of the dishelveled TV detective Columbo. My favourite...
Appel Virtuel 047 - Peter Falk (Columbo)

Un appel virtuel ...
R.I.P Peter Falk ((Just one more thing TRIBUTE)) HD *16.September 1927 - † 23.June 2011

Since I saw that there was nearly no fanmade Columbo video on youtube I decided to make one and this is the result. Hope you enjoy ;D ps: Let me know if you liked it ;D music: Soundtrack...
Mr. Peter Falk (Columbo,etc.) "On a tout essayé 2006"

Un grand homme,
dans le sens qu'il a tant été un acteur culte,qu'un homme humble,original et humoristique et certainement têtu !
Un mélange qui fait qu'on a aimé le voir des années durant sur nos écrans.

Quant à l'émission, mdr…
Peter Falk (Columbo) Tribute

Here is a small Tribute Video for Peter Falk (Inspector Columbo.) R.I.P Columbo Hier ein kleines Tribute Video über Peter Falk ( Inspektor Columbo) R.I.P Columbo Music : Enya - Only Time.
Columbo Peter Falk en France

Columbo en France en 1996
Columbo Theme Remix Tribute

Remix of the sunday night mystery theatre intro music to Columbo. The best detective of all time, played by the recently deceased Peter Falk. RIP. This is a tribute to a legendary show and...
Chez peter - columbo - falk

pas de trucage...c'est bien le lieutenant qui me recoit chez lui!
Just One More Inception

RIP Peter Falk September 16, 1927 -- June 23, 2011 Columbo Inception trailer parody Clips taken from the following episodes: Murder by the Book Death Lends a Hand Etude in Black...
Peter Falk was Lieutenant Columbo

Peter Falk Peter Michael Falk (September 16, 1927 -- June 23, 2011) was an American actor, best known for his role as Lieutenant Columbo in the television series...
Henry Mancini : Columbo Theme (1971)

I have enjoyed Columbo series very much. RIP Peter Falk. Good-Bye and Thanks.
Columbo actor Peter Falk dies

Peter Falk, the Emmy award-winning actor best known for playing detective Columbo in the television series, has died aged 83.
Columbo Theme

Columbo Theme Starring: Peter Falk.
TV's Columbo, Peter Falk, dead at 83

Peter Falk, the gravel-voiced US actor who played Hollywood's rumpled detective Lieutenant Columbo, has died at 83. Duration: 00:32.
Favorite Caricatures - Peter Falk

Rumpled Peter Falk, born in New York in 1927, was probably best known for his role as the highly skilled but laid-back detective in the Colombo series. As Columbo, he won four of his five...
Peter Falk Columbo Just One More Thing What Marketers Can Learn From Peter Falk | Columbo "Just One More Thing" When prospecting for your home-based business, network marketing, mlm or direct sales company, wait…
Columbo - 7 Great endings

7 Great endings where they hang themselves. 00:03 How to Dial a Murder 06:50 A Deadly State Of Mind 13:33 Double Exposure 17:30 A Friend in Deed 24:58 Suitable For Framing 34:15 Negative...
RIP Peter Falk

The Princess Bride (1987) - RIP Peter Falk - A great actor and storyteller.
My Woshin Mashin - Columbo (In Memory of Peter Falk)

In loving memory of Peter Falk. See ya in heaven. "Columbo" was written by My Woshin Mashin / Free download: Berlin 2011.
Columbo - End Credits - Theme by Gil Melle

From the last episode of the first season of Columbo; this is the closing credits and music by Gil Mellé.

I do not own this clip, this clip is posted for educational and personal use only.
Speeedpainting of Inspector Columbo

Tribute to Peter Falk (1927-2011) as Inspector Columbo by Flurin Bosshard.

        Columbo - Clip Intro (English)

Kein Vorname, eine unsichtbare Ehefrau, ein verbeultes Auto, ein lethargischer Hund, ein Regenmantel und eine Zigarre – mehr braucht er nicht, um seine Fälle zu lösen. Dabei ist ihm der Zuschauer meistens um 15 Minuten voraus: denn es…
Columbo Sunday Mystery Movie Theme Song - Version 1.wmv

Happy Birthday Peter Falk! "All right people, let's all get on the same page, here. NBC is giving us their best programming night to produce a police crime mystery, NBC Mystery Movie Of...
LT. Columbo Sings Blank Space by Taylor Swift (VKMTV VIDEO MASH-UP)

LT. Columbo Sings Blank Space by Taylor Swift
COLUMBO   Death hits the Jackpot

columbo full episodes columbo full episodes columbo full episodes columbo full episodes columbo full episodes columbo full episodes columbo full episodes online free,columbo full episodes youtube ...
Peter Falk chez lui

Peter Falk "Columbo" nous fait visiter sa femme, nous présente sa femme et parle de Columbo
Mystery Movie Theme,Columbo Movie Tune Performed on Yamaha PSR

Columbo ist eine US-amerikanische Krimiserie von Richard Levinson und William Link, die in den USA regelmäßig von März 1971 bis Mai 1978 ausgestrahlt wurde – und zwischen Februar 1989...
Columbo opening Columbo é uma premiada série policial dos anos 1970 estrelada pelo ator Peter Falk. A série revolucionou as histórias de detetives.

Ao contrário do que geralmente ocorre em filmes policiais, cada…


Antonín Koutný - Columbo Tribute, lyric: Columbo, no to je fištrón ten Columbo jak si to šmátrá v baloňáku pátrá, jak si to pátrá, v baloňáku šmátrá čvaňháka kouří a...
Peter Falk: Columbo - The Legend in the Raincoat

I made this video to the first anniversary of Peter Falk´s death. It´s been one year since he passed away but I hope you didn´t forget him and you won´t in the future. Through this way...
Peter Falk - Columbo Interview

Peter Falk does a Columbo Interview - sadly, I only have this clip.
Go Columbo

Demo of a song by English acoustic-soul singer-songwriter David Wyatt. Posted as a tribute to Peter Falk (September 16, 1927 -- June 23, 2011).
Columbo Theme

Peter Falk.
RIP Peter Falk

The opening of "The NBC Mystery Movie" and the ending to the episode "Etude in Black" which seemed fitting. I was also considering the scene where he was rowing away from the camera while...
Columbo - Remember Our Friend Peter Falk

September 16, 1927 - The Day Peter Falk Was Born. I created this video to this event because Peter Falk would have celebrated his 85th birthday yesterday. Through this way I would like to pay...
funny song- Columbo song

This song was made up on the spot before the great peter falk passed away by me on guitar and talon lookin at my dvd collection for inspiration. R.I.P Peter.
Columbo Theme rock version By Cloux

I used to watch Columbo when i was a kid, so this is a tribute, i guess :) RIP Peter... If you don't the original intro, please check it out.
Columbo - One More Thing - My Wife (Pilot Episodes)

A tribute to the brilliant Peter Falk and his most famous character's most famous catchphrases.
Columbo and the eccentric millionaire Rip Torn 1990s

Columbo, super sleuth in his famous rumpled trench coat, is an eccentric millionaire in this episode with Rip Torn. Super series starring Peter Falk who made Columbo character his own.
COLUMBO (Short documentary: Interviews and clips)

Clips, interviews, Peter Falk Interviews and clips.