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Ideal Commuting Bicycle

My version of the ideal commuting bicycle.
Scooter Close Calls and Commuting

I think in future I'll just add a few of these clips the the start or end of my vids instead of making videos with only them.

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Commuting In New England

This is a short video of my commute from Sturbridge, Ma to Worcester, Ma. This was a typical morning along the Mass. Pike and Rte. 290 East after a small snow storm.
Commuting by Bicycle in Istanbul - How bad can it be? - a Compilation

Few clips i put together. My everyday commute to work. To say the least, no respect for a cyclist whatsoever. But i must add, we do not get many close-passes...
What are some commuting options?

Fuel economy expert David Rizzo discusses some commuting options.
Mega-commuting Road Warriors Log Major Miles

A growing number of people live so far from work, the Census Bureau gave them a name - "mega commuters." Chip Reid reports.
Osprey Momentum 34 - A REVIEW (BEST for commuting)

I have been looking for a while to find this PERFECT commuter backpack. Works great for bike, car, subway, bus, train, airplane, etc. Lots of storage room, e...
Coming soon: Commuting via Aero-X hoverbike, Ep. 160

Put on your helmet. "Star Wars" speeder bikes are now a reality with the Aero-X hoverbike from Aeroflex, now on pre-order.
Behind the Scenes - Gamer Commute

How we shot the car sequence in Gamer Commute, as well as acquiring the world's best leaf blower. Full VFX Breakdown coming soon! --- 2nd Channel! Twitter!…
English Conversation Lesson -- Traffic & Commuting - Phrasal Verbs & Vocabulary

English Conversation Lesson -- Traffic & Commuting This is a English Conversation lesson about traffic and commuting. Watch the video as Niharika talks about...
Stop Commuting Start Outsourcing

Why waste time commuting when you can freelance from anywhere ? Visit and find out how to start outsourcing.
Just For Laughs: Best Of - Billy Gardell: Commuting Solution Season: 1

Just For Laughs: Best Of Season: 1 Episode: 1 Billy Gardell (Mike & Molly) has the perfect solution to both DUIs and rising gas prices.
London Fixie Commuting

Testing out a new perspective using a GoPro Chestie Mount.
Finding More Time for Your Kids? Commuting Time is Listen-and-Talk Time

GingerKids Backseat Mirror by Ginger Hill Creations under the GingerKids brand Backseat Safety Mirror provides a complete wide-angle view of your child in the back seat, while providing additional safety and comfort features for both you and your…
PC Gamer Video Blog: Websites, Battleships and Downstairs Commuting

PC Gamer video blog: websites, battleships and downstairs commuting
Commuting - English for Professionals - Lesson 1

New series! English for Professionals Series objective: This series will help those preparing to use English in the workplace as well as those already in the...
Commuting Recalled

I got a train...then, got writing... as you do...
Dahon - Folding Instructions for 20" & 16" Bikes Quick video on folding a Dahon 20" & 16" Bikes: Curve, Mu, Speed, Boardwalk, Roo, Ciao, Impulse, Vitesse and JetStream bikes.
Commuting to Work

Mary Jo Ola learns about biking your commute to work.
HashTag - Commuting

As global population continues to increase, public transportation and daily commuting will continue to be a problem in many areas of the world. We discuss a few interesting ways to deal with - and spice up - your weekly rat race routine...
NES Makes Gameplay While Commuting Easy

Don't get bored on the bus, play games with your phone just like you would with your PSP or Gameboy. [ ]. Playing games on your phone has never been so sweet. This bar cell phone slides up to reveal a four-way D-pad…
Commuting on a cyclocross bike

I started commuting on a cyclocross bike to work and these are some impressions.
Commuting made easy - Delhi Metro at Moolchand Flyover

The Delhi Metro (DMRC) is a state owned company with equal equity participation from Government of India and Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi. However, the organisation is under administrative control of Ministry of Urban…
Piercing Moscow Traffic Jam by Bike

ride my touring bicycle in a traffic jam
Ninja 300 Why I Hate Commuting

Like me on Facebook - My Bike - 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 My Helmet - Shark Speed R (Matt) My Camera - GoPro 1 (720p 30fps setting) My...
Viral Video Recap: Basketball Cats and Commuting Rats

On this week’s Viral Video Recap: puddles in slow motion, lemons in slow motion and an amusing first roller coaster ride.
Asian Girls Stalk Me - R.H. 3

Just riding home from work....and being stalked by Asian girls....nothing new.
Commuting Costs on the Rise in America

Here's ways to cut commuting costs in half.
Commuting With An Electric Transportation Is This Easy

2013 EcoBoomer Urban Commando is finally here. The Electric Transportation made perfectly for commuters. It's built-in front headlights, rear lights, and turn signals could make this electric transportation…
Active Commuting

New study released by the American College of Sports Medicine shows walking, biking or skating to school has a significant impact on kids’ physical activity levels .
Fixie vs Mountain Bike for Commuting

Fixie enthusiast Will Burson of WBbikes talks with his friend Cisco about to getting to work really fast with only one gear.
Commuting on Muni
Bike Commutes on the Rise

With bike commuting on the rise Lauren Mooney from Bicycle magazine offers CBS News' "Bike Rider-in-Chief" Harry Smith a handful of bikes to try out for good buys, styles and options.
Thinking about commuting by bike? Know these essential tips first

William Knowles, a bike expert with Mountain Equipment Co-op, shares this tips when it comes to what equipment you have to have if you're going to commute by...
Best buy Northwave Mission Commuting Shoe - BLACK/REFLEX SILVER 41,"

Read More,
One Man's Mission to Inspire Water Biking

Judah Schiller became the first person to cross the San Francisco Bay on a bicycle he converted into a water bike. He went to New York to bike across the Hudson River and hopes to inspire commuters to get to work this way. Don Dahler reports.
Commuting By Motorcycle - WRR8

Do you ride to work every day? Rain or shine? Or is it only when it's convenient - or is it never? I personally take the bike to work as often as possible. N...
Temporary road made for commuting in Silli

In June 2013, a multi-day cloudburst centered on the North Indian state of Uttarakhand caused devastating floods and landslides in the country's worst natural disaster since the 2004 tsunami. Though parts of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and…
Arctic Cold Makes Travel and Cleanup Numbing

Arctic temperatures are making cleanup from the latest winter storm more difficult, and travelers in the Northeast can expect another long day. CBS News' Ko Im reports.
A Beginner's Guide To Commuting

From An amusing look at the weird world of commuting to London.
Amazing Stunt Riding ... on a Carbon Road Bike

Amazing stunt riding ... on a carbon road bike
Review: Bustin Commuting Boards - Motionboardshop Nathan Blackburn runs you through the Bustin Bo...
Temporary road constructed for commuting in Agastyamuni

In June 2013, a multi-day cloudburst centered on the North Indian state of Uttarakhand caused devastating floods and landslides in the country's worst natural disaster since the 2004 tsunami. Though parts of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and…
Broken News Daily - World's Scariest Three-Point Turn?

Broken News Daily Think your commute is bad? Joachim Held of Styria, Austria drives his truck full of wood off a cliff...well, almost. The daredevil logger has filmed himself performing his daily three-point turn near a drop of 1,000 feet. Check it…
Tips for year round bike commuting

Get some helpful hints from a year round bike commuter.
commuting in Nigeria
VooDoo Challenge 2 - Urban Assault in Bristol

VooDoo Challenge 2 - Urban assault in Bristol
Commuting Bits & Bobs #19

Good news: this is the last Bits & Bobs episode featuring my ER6n! Bad news: this is the last Bits & Bobs episode featuring my ER6n :( For more episodes of C...
Commuting at -13 degrees

Chris Jose reports from south metro Denver at I-25 and Lincoln Ave. Feb. 1, 2011