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he became known by a vid he made entitled "pale kid raps faster"..a parody of george watsky ...he has an album "The everafter". ..he's not into the gangsta & party themes so prevalent in rap...he was influenced by Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest…
[AWESOME] Pale Kid Fast rapper - G Watsky Pale kid raps fast!! THE NEW EMINEM This guy is incredible! He raps really FAST, better than any other rapper in the world. He can do fast rap, pale kids raps fast!...
NoClue (Fast Rapper From The West Coast) - Ima Mash / NEW

NoClue (Fast Rapper From The West Coast) - Ima Mash / NEW
B.F.F. "Building Fitness Fast" (B.M.F. "Blowing Money Fast" remix - Rick Ross) Jerry the HuMan B.F.F. "Building Fitness Fast" - The remix of B.M.F. "Blowing Money Fast" (Rick Ross). Rappers love recording songs about unhealthy things like alcohol and smoking, so I made something a little different....
World's Fastest Rapper [Guinness Primetime]

Rap starts at 2:00. You can stop helping now. This is the full presentation of Rebel XD's incredible performance on Fox's old show, Guinness World Records Primetime, which I feel was the greatest...
West Africa Fast Rapper - Sarkodie

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AMAZING TONGUE TWISTER RAP (I bet you can't say this!!!!)

Incredibly fast rapper

Could this be the next Eminem?

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How To Build Muscle Fast! Lose Weight Quickly
Why Simply Gaining XX Pounds of Muscle
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Mac Lethal KILLS "Look at Me Now" (Pancake Rap) Buy this song on iTunes: MAC LETHAL SHIRTS: ...
Tuning Out: How A Lightning-Fast Rapper Finds His Focus

For a rapper who rhymes at a blazing pace, cramming content into 140 characters comes as second nature. But occasionally, even Tonedeff needs to hit pause.
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Number 1 Fastest Rapper Alive

Pale Kid Raps Fast (George Watsky) Pale Kid Raps Faster! (Mac Lethal) 2011 fastest rapper in the world incredible rap amazing fastest rapper alive mac lethal raps awesome rapping sick white...
Fast Rapper Boogie The Mann-Machine Gun Style

Fast Rapper Boogie The Mann is at it again.
Fast Rapper George Watsky

After seeing a YouTube video of George Watsky performing an incredibly fast rap, Ellen invited him to the show. Before performing it here, he chatted with Ellen about what he does.
Fast Rapper Boogie The Mann-More Fast Raps

More Fast raps from Boogie The Mann
Lethally Fast Rapper

When Ellen saw this video by Mac Lethal, she knew she had to meet him! You won't believe his skills.
Fast Rapper Boogie The Mann-You Beezy

Fast Rapper Boogie The Mann.Brush The Teeth To Spit That Heat.
World's Fastest Talker + World's Fastest Rapper

OPEN ME hope y'all enjoyed this little skit. it was a TRUE honor to get to speed talk with the OFFICIAL world's fastest rapper, No Clue. he is the 2x Guinness World Record holder and he's...
Santa Raps So Fast - Mac Lethal

Après le rap de l'alphabet ou son
White Kid Raps EVEN FASTER (Now on iTunes!)

Buy on iTunes now: Fast lyrics: i don't give a fuck about the money or the fame, or any groupie trying to touch me, I don't...
World's Top 10 Fastest Rapper Ever (2015)

eminem rap god ? click - 3:05 World's Top 10 Fastest Rapper Ever Top 10 fastest rappers ever FASTEST RAP EVER Busta Rhymes vs Ceza, Twista, Yelawolf, JL B Hood, Uso, D Loc & Tech N9ne ...
Desi Hip Hop 2015 - Feat BOHEMIA - SUPER FAST RAP

Desi Hip Hop 2015 - Feat BOHEMIA - SUPER FAST RAP
Lethally Fast Rapper on Ellen

Lethally Fast Rapper on Ellen linda honey listen linda cupcakes First Kiss on ellen Wanda Sykes Goes Skiing Jordana Brewster Stole Ellen's Mail Lethally Fast Rapper Jordana Brewster on Paul...
Eminem - Rap God (Explicit)

Download Eminem's 'MMLP2' Album on iTunes now: Credits below Video Director: Rich Lee Video Producer: Justin Diener Video Producer: Kathy Angstadt.
Rap Technicians- new punjabi rap song teaser 2014 (fast rap)

Comming soon
for more info visit facebook page
World's Top 10 Fastest Rapper Ever

Top 10 rappers which rap faster than eminem - Top things that Interstellar got wrong (Plot Holes) -
Eminem Who? This Guy Can Rap In 7 Languages Faster Than The Real Slim Shady

MC Silk, a Polish rapper, is determined to challenge Eminem the Rap God. Is he claiming his victory here?
NEW WORLD RECORD !! Fastest Rapper in the World  !!! 2015

NEW WORLD RECORD !! Fastest Rapper in the World !!! 2015 Mac Lethal New World Record 2015 Merry Christmas !! I Hope You Enjoy This Song I Think It's Amazing Song It's Really Fucking Fast...
Ceza - Holocaust (Fastest Rapper)

Its Turkish Rap, Ceza the fastest rapper the world... mamammamamamamamammama ^^ Lyrics: Koydugum nokta belki son Ben bunu bilemem ayni bomb Gibi gelir sana belkide ayni ton Dibi delik ...
Nerd Raps Fast in Compton

Get this song on iTunes: Okay Guys, while we were filming "Nerds Freestyle in Compton" I decided to let Futuristic preform...
BOHEMIA 'brand new rap' gaddi meri fast and furious official  video HD

BOHEMIA 'brand new rap' gaddi meri fast and furious official video HD
must watch and share
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Fast rapper  VBL - Sleeping on Me Official Music Video

Get this song here If you write a quick review about my song it may...
Eminem Rap god  fast part by Nofal Niazi

This Video is dedicated to my best friend Osama. with his motivation i am now able to perform you friend
Fastest Rapper in the world *new*

This Proves Eminem is the Fastest Rapper Ever!!

this is another proof that eminem s the fastest rapper ever watch the whole vid i have 2 admit this is really fast and he can spit faster 2 i bet this song that hes in is a good song comment...
Top 25 Fastest Rapper EVER XXX FAST !!!

25 Dalima (Liquid Assassin-Jump off) #24 Young Blaze (344 words in a minute) #23 No Clue (Get Down) #22 K-Dean (Tech N9ne-Midwest Choppers 2) #21 Mr Shadow (Apocalypse) #20 Silencer ...
The Fastest 15 Year Old Rapper!!!!

New: Feature Article on Ali Tomineek 2014 DOWNLOAD NOW! Part 1: ...

LYRICS [Intro] I love all cats Even copy cats Dr. Seuss cats In their floppy hats I love bobcats I love tomcats And your mom cats Even wombats Love a fruit bat Hate a combat Love a comerade...
Who Was the First Fast Rapper? Origins of the Double Time Style

After much research, this is my list of earliest fast rappers. Please let me know about any additions! *All of these recordings are property of the artists themselves--this is not my music*...
Trish Like The Fish World Fastest Rapper (Full Audition)

Trish Like Fish Comes On Stage With Her Rap Act But Is Really Only There To Meet Howard Stern Watch America's Got Talent On Monday's & Tuseday's @ 8 / 9 p.m On NBC.
Rap Nobody faster than Rap God (Eminem) - MC Silk raps in 7 languages feat. L.U.C

Silk : L.U.C: CD/ Download: Bity Arek Kopera: ...
Bullet- Sa mga wakas ng lupa ft. Smuglaz (Philippine's 2 fastest rapper )

fastest rapper in the philippinesdownload link