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Bill Tucker Greets Sojourner Truth Sculptor Artis Lane Bill Tucker, the widower of the late activist C. Deloris Tucker, is there to greet the arrival of the world famous artists and Sojourner Truth sculptor Artis Lane
Enny Beatrice

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Congressional Honor For Famous Artist Artis Lane

World famous contemporary portrait artist and Sojourner Truth sculptor Artis Lane is honored by Congesswoman Diane E. Watson. To see the portrait and sculpture artists works:
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These films were transferred to DVD in the early 1950s. They were transferred to DVD from Advanced Video Data Services. We were pleased to see that the film quality was superb. We enjoyed the film tremendously.
Ranjang Setan cut 2

Adegan film Ranjang Setan (1987). Pemeran: Richie Ricardo, Chintami Atmanagara, Gusti Randa.
Toronto Film Festival - Moving Image Film Festival Ad #3

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Film Students Making A Silly Short Film - Pt. 6

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