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{UNFINISHED.MMVS} Fruits Basket. La Corda D'oro.

Just mmvs that I wont finish. Kinda lost inspiration. D:
Fruits Basket - Opening
After the Show Show: National Eat Outside Day

... Yeah. I guess it' d be yeah I might ..... Labor Day treat My dad's let me get ..... friends here I felt my girlfriend and on ..... definitely adding fruits to Sally is really ..... the that I live in LA this again baloney ..... tell. You light…
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Fruits Basket Opening Song [Japanese Version]

Fruits Basket~ Opening Song [Japanese Version] Enjoy!
'The Song'

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Anime Guys [Beat Drop]

scenes from some of my favorite anime: Special A Ghost Hunt Ouran Highschool Host Club D.Gray Man Fruits Basket Shugo Chara La Corda D'oro Vampire Knight SON...
Fruits Basket Opening VF

Générique de début de la version française de Fruits Basket << Restons ensemble à jamais >> interprété par Peggy Ngo Yanga.

Tous les mots de la vie sont des sanglots
Mais grâce à ton sourir tout s'apaisa
Sous sa chaleur j...
Kevin McCarthy gets the scoop on 'The November Man'

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My Top 10 Anime Shows

My top anime as of December 2010. I need to make a new one soon though:) Song: Ceramic Star Artist: Lolita23q Anime: 10. Mermaid Melody 9. K-ON! 8. Tsubasa C...
Fruits Basket - Opening

Le générique de début de Fruits Basket ! ^^
IPOs to watch

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Manga Love en anime

Voila ma deuxième version de manga love (toujours dédicacé a ma meilleur ami) mais en animé tous les renseignents sont a la fin Musique :Titanic - My heart g...
Fruits basket opening in different languages

Fruits Basket opening in:
Singer performs national anthem in all 50 states

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Anime Couples- Fallin' For You

a compilation of my favorite anime couples: Lelouch and Kallen (Code Geass) Zero and Yuuki (Vampire Knight) Kyohei and Sunako (Yamato Nadeshiko) Kei and Hika...
Fruits Basket Opening Theme - English Version - With Lyrics

The theme song for the English version of Fruits Basket.
I don't own the song. I love this song and Fruits Basket..

Lyrics --

I was so happy when you smiled,
Your smile breaks through the clouds of grey,
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its eastr, its easter ! He arose ! He's arisen indeed !
Nothing's gonna change my love for you - anime

These are the list of the animes: 1. Saiunkoku Monogatari 2. Candy Candy 3. Anne of Green Gables 4. Emma 5. Judy - Daddy Long Legs 6. Lady Georgie 7. La Cord...
fruits basket opening
Pandora: Momentum building for back half of year

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top 20 romantic anime- anime couples

i do not own the song or the animes top 20 romantic anime- anime couples song:Heartbeat - Scouting for Girls Shakugan no shana -- yuji and shana Shugo chara-...
Fruits Basket opening song - For Fruits Basket (with lyrics)

rates and comments are much appreciated. (≧◡≦) the clips are mostly from fruits basket manga fan book because i like the fruits basket manga more than the anime version. (although there are also some few screenshots from the anime) ^^~ *i don't own…
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My top 10 romance anime

Feel free to comment and rate and remember that it's my firts vid of this kind and that i SUCK at editing:] Song:Fly On The Wall by Tatu Anime: 10.Special A ...
Fruits basket : opening version originale (Chiisana Inori )

La version originale de l'opening de Fruits Basket: Chiisana inori !
Vraiment magnifique.
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Top 10 Romantic Anime

DISCLAIMER: I do not own, nor do I claim ownership over, the images, footage, and characters used in this video. This video is purely fan made. this is my ow...
Fruits Basket - Opening vf

voici l'opening de fruits basket !
Tout les mots de la vie sont des sanglots
Mais grâce à ton sourire tout s'appaissa
Sous sa chaleur, j'ai vu mon bonheur retrouvé
Du retour du printemps j'ai tant douté
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Top 20 Anime Guys

my top 20 best anime guys! :D ~animes used~ #20 Hayate- Pretear #19 Usui Takumi- Kaichou wa Maid-sama #18 Rumaty Raginei- Hanasakeru Seishounen #17 Kyouhei T...
Fruits Basket - Opening 01
The Most Romantic Anime Couples- Fallin' For You AMV

my favorite anime couples: Lelouch and Kallen (Code Geass) Kei and Hikari (Special A) Zero and Yuuki (Vampire Knight) Len and Kahoko (La Corda d'Oro Primo Pa...
Fruits Basket  - Opening - (jap)

opening de fruits basket en jap^^
my good luck video

this video is for good luck video not just for me but to all my youtube friends as well i did this video in case when i go to the doctor tomorrow they do not...
Slipping Away AMV

Song: Slipping Away by Greyson Chance Anime Used: Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two, Bleach, Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below, 5 Centimeters per Seco...
Fruits Basket  Opening

ba voila le tit générique de l'anime
Move like Jagger Anime AMV

I disclaim all rights to the music and the animes. Animes used: Alice Academy, bleach, code geass, dnangel, elfin lied, familiar of zero, fruits basket, hell...
Opening 'For Fruits Basket'
My Top Must Watch Anime's [As Of Now]!

Anime's [Favorites not in order!]: 1. Sword Art Online 2. Yu Yu Hakusho 3. Ouran High School Host Club 4. Fruits Basket 5. Hayate No Gotoku! English name: Ha...
fruits basket opening (english version)

i like this song. ^_^