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Pug is little girl's guardian angel / Vodafone

A 2009 Indian commercial for Vodafone. Little girl's best friend. A faithful pug. The music track has been specially created for this commercial.

Une publicité indienne réalisée en 2009 pour Vodafone. Le meilleur ami de la petite fille...
Chick Fight Stomping

Stomped, kneed, and pure abuse is what this girl gets.
Music Ties in G Major Starring: Alex the " Girl"

Guitar fretboard, guitar hero and piano key neckties from set to a tune! Alex, the Girl, plays each of these neckties in the band. These ties do not actually make music. But they do rock!
How to Tie a Tie

Hot girl shows us How to Tie a Tie
Kitten Mirror Stomp

It's a kitty party!
Crazy Yapping Dog

Someone stomp this little bastard!
Kitten Mirror Stomp

Thanks for watching my cats!
Wii Dog Stomp

shit happens
Kitten Mirror Stomp

Dog Chair-iot Faceplant

Tying a dog to your rolling chair seems totally harmless, until the dog sees a tennis ball..
Kitten Mirror Stomp(ipad)

Thanks for watching my cats!
Parkour Dog Jump Fail

Dog gone it !
Kitten Mirror Stomp

cats and kittens having fun
25 Ways to tie a scarf

Demonstrated by a cute girl.
Kitten Mirror Stomp(ipad)

cats and kittens having fun
Friendly Girl Next Door

Showing you something.
Kitten Mirror Stomp
Double Foot Stomp Nut Shot !

deko getting stomped on the balls , bybh t.v
Kitten Mirror Stomp(ipad)
Funny Dog Tries To Stomp Out His Own Shadow

This dog doesn't like anyone or anything following him too closely!
Kitten Mirror Stomp(ipad)
Funny Hot Girl Tying Shoes

She is so sexy.
Kitten Mirror Stomp(ipad)

chick fight, girl gets stomped

Kitten Mirror Stomp
Dog VS Cat

I think this one is a tie.
Kitten Mirror Stomp(ipad)

It's a kitty party!
Best beer commercial - EVA'!

looks like the pooch got some "tail"

Music video for King Porter Stomp 'Pocketfulofrocketfuel'
Tying Shoelaces With Your Feet

Let's see her make me a sandwich
How Billy Morgan Stomped the World's First Quad Cork

For those struggling to get their brain around the trick, a Quad Cork 1800 is shred shorthand for a jump containing four off axis flips and five full rotations. UK mad man Billy Morgan flipped himself into the history books with one of the most...

COTTON  EYE  JOE - Honky Tonk Stomp line  Dance

Groupe Danse Country
Gymnast Girl Smashes Guys Nuts

Girl completely annihilates Pussy Ronald's nuts by performing a front handspring stomp on them.
mozinor Remix # The Wildmix [Stomp Version] 2011 ©

variante d'un ancien truc retrouvé dans les fichiers d'origine en faisant du rangement. why not
STOMP - Olympics

Uploaded By mat.
Rat Cat Dog WTF!!!

Whatever this is, if you see one in your garbage please stomp it out.
Cruel College Joke on Drunkard

College friends tie dog collar to drunk friend without him noticing it.
Tongue Tied K9

There! I did it, now give me my treat!
tied, tickled, and tortured

pretty girl gets tickled

Pail Drummers