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With Lightwave 3D I created a Dynamic Object Gravity Effector then I created an orbital mesh and give it some cloth properties after a few days of tweaking and a ...

What are gravitational waves?

We discuss what gravitational waves actually are, what produces them, and some of their properties. Part of a continuing series on the NANOGrav project.

Ein Ball der herumspringt. Die Gravitation ändert währenddessen ein paar mal die Richtung.
Simulacion de gravedad

Grilla colgada, metodo de comprobacion de catenarias.
Big bang animation | DRAFT 1

Just mocking up a big bang animation for a short film. Very particle based :p I actually used some front facing opacity maps too. Though please note there are ...
Gravity explained - visualized (it will blow your mind)

A physics teacher in the USA Dan Burnes adapted a presentation explaining/visualizing Gravity. Using less than $100 of materials he has been able to explain a ...
lightwave + impact 3.16

lightwave + plug in Impact 3.16 (DYNAMIC REALITIES)
Dark Jupiter Detection This artist's animation illustrates the technique used for finding free-floating, Jupiter-mass planets in space. Astronomers found ...
Does Gravity Exist?How Far Atom's Gravity Reach?

Gravity does not exist, I literally know that. Just because some object starts moving away from another object, does that mean the other object must magically just ...
Little Devil

Just a Lightwave 3D stereoscopic test render really. Motion capture was use for the character. All joints are controlled with morphs (still requires a little work).
Doc Physics - General Relativity Einstein's Equivalence Principle and the Curvature of Space-time

Einstein had a knack for shaking things up. Accelerated reference frames are equivalent to gravitational fields, so a gravitational field can be viewed as ...
Operation Spandex

The 2012 SPS Interns Meredith Woy and Melissa Hoffman show how to use a sheet of spandex to model gravity. Orbits, tides, and roche limits, oh my! This video ...
Schwarzschild Space-Time Embedding Diagram The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive ...
Opening the Eye of Light - intro sequence

This was the intro narrative to the theatrical production "Opening the Eye of Light" which played 2 sold out nights @ the Broach Theater during Fringe Festival in ...
Advanced Concepts of Gravity

Excerpt from Atoms to X-Rays: Cosmic Voyages through Computer Simulation and Visualization. [Show ID: 14995]
Particle Physics Engine

Configurable particle physics engine developed in C# with the XNA framework. The system provides an interface to tweak the physics of the particles universe ...
Defying Gravity 3D Animation

3D video rendered animation using bricks with Cinema 4D and math. Special effects destruction of a brick wall.
Relativity 4 - curved spacetime

Note: This a re-upload to correct some typos in the original. It's often said that according to General Relativity space and time are "curved." What does this mean?
Imagining the First Dimension

Wow! Over 25000 subscribers and almost 7.5 million views for this channel! Thanks everyone for your awesome support. To read along go to: ...

This is a test video of a tourist ship landing for refueling at an orbital refueling station.
What is Space?

This video is a direct sequel to 'What is Gravity?'. There we found out that Gravity is nothing but a quality of Space Warp, that Space can be warped with or ...

The grasshopper was taken out of the game, but can still be seen. Go to the attract mode and cycle through all the sprites. I did this on Atari Anniversary Edition ...
Minecraft 3D Loop

Simple machine in minecraft, made for Reddit user DougLance.
3D Function Plot

Animated 3D function plot in SpaceTime 4.0 using the time variable.
Gravity Probe B

Gravity Probe B experiment.
Black Hole moving through space-time in 2-d to 3-d plane

Black Hole moving through space-time in 2-d to 3-d plane.
Gravity Probe B Launch

Gravity Probe B Launch.
Our World: Gravity in Space

What is gravity? Find out about the balance between gravity and inertia that keeps the International Space Station in orbit. Learn why astronauts "float" in space ...
The Laze - Spacetime Fabric Conditioner (2009)

The Laze - Spacetime Fabric Conditioner (2009) / 04. Glassdüst at the Dísablót (8:53)
Gravity is not a field, it is an information exchange (Part I) - MetaMorgan TV (Part I) In today's episode Morgan discusses the simple origins of gravity in quantum information exchange, using some interesting ...
Drawing gravity in three dimensions.

A continuation of my "drawing gravity" experiment. I would say this is a conclusion to my proposal: "Try imagining it in full 3d" at the end of the first video.