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With Lightwave 3D I created a Dynamic Object Gravity Effector then I created an orbital mesh and give it some cloth properties after a few days of…
Mr. Bunny and his Little Friend .dv

In a holographic universe, even time and space can no longer be viewed as fundamentals. Because concepts such as location break down in a universe in…
Space Warp!

Flidias 19.03.10 ... ten years later, while putting off study and homework, comes "Flidias" re-mastered! This was originally (back in 2001) for a sci…
What are gravitational waves?

We discuss what gravitational waves actually are, what produces them, and some of their properties. Part of a continuing series on the NANOGrav…
game maker 8.1 no gravity 3d physics

another video of the engine.
Universe Sandbox- Large Scale Gravity

This was a lot more interesting to watch for me in the actual game than it probably is for you.

Client:Emmi Director: Andreas Hoffman Agency: Scholz & Friends Production company: JERKfilms All design, CG & VFX: Gravity Chief creative officer…
Gravity Probe B Video File Part 1/2

Gravity Probe B Video File, Part 1/2 (See for more information) Video clips of GP-B gyroscope polishing and roundness…
Q&BA: How does a gravitational slingshot work?

In this episode of Q&BA, I describe how a gravitational slingshot works, and how they are used to get spacecraft to the inner and outer solar system.
Взрыв в пространстве

Увеличение объема пространства. Теория пространства -
3 dimensional shapes and letters

i will teach u how to draw 3 dimensional shapes and letters/Users/olgababiy26/Desktop/Photo on 10-22-12 at 8.12 PM.jpg/Users/olgababiy26/Desktop…
Gravity Visualized

Hieronymus Bosch & the delights of hell part

Hieronymus Bosch & the delights of hell part 4.
Binray - Equinory

From the Albatross EP.
Gravity explained - visualized (it will blow your mind)

A physics teacher in the USA Dan Burnes adapted a presentation explaining/visualizing Gravity. Using less than $100 of materials he has been able to…
3D Pro: Add the Next Dimension and Increase Mission Success

We live in a three-dimensional world, so why sacrifice the value of an entire dimension when planning crucial missions? The 3D Pro extension…
lightwave + impact 3.16

lightwave + plug in Impact 3.16 (DYNAMIC REALITIES)
Worm hole animation take two

This is my second animation that i have posted so enjoy!
3D Vortex

This is unfinished, more to follow soon.
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