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With Lightwave 3D I created a Dynamic Object Gravity Effector then I created an orbital mesh and give it some cloth properties after a few days of tweaking a...
Update 08-31-10 - Alien Swarm, indie games and more!

The Forbidden Lair: Twitter: ----------------------- Intro Credits -----...
Zero Gravity Cloth

A ball is pushed onto a piece of cloth in zero gravity.
Legoroy's "Adventures Through Time and Space" Project

My "Adventures Through Time and Space" 3D Animation College Project.
3D and green screen test
Shapeshifter - Gravity [Visualization]

Artist - Shapeshifter Genre - Drum and Bass Year - 2013
game maker 8.1 no gravity 3d physics

another video of the engine.

Client:Emmi Director: Andreas Hoffman Agency: Scholz & Friends Production company: jerkfilms All design, CG & VFX: Gravity Chief creative officer, Gravity: I...
Gravity Probe B Video File Part 1/2

Gravity Probe B Video File, Part 1/2 (See for more information) Video clips of GP-B gyroscope polishing and roundness measuremen...
3D Gravity Simulator - Unity #2

Just a few new features :) If you want to try it: (it's kinda buggy)
Simulacion de gravedad

Grilla colgada, metodo de comprobacion de catenarias.

3D Heightmap Test2

another heightmap test this time with a new heightmap technique, its a heightmap that can set unique positioning to each of its vertices(hills). also the red...
lightwave + impact 3.16

lightwave + plug in Impact 3.16 (DYNAMIC REALITIES)
Does Gravity Exist?How Far Atom's Gravity Reach?

Gravity does not exist, I literally know that. Just because some object starts moving away from another object, does that mean the other object must magicall...
Five Solar Storms (2012.04.16) [720p] [3D converted]

This combination of a SDO Sun and two coronagraphs from SOHO capture the expanding clouds of five, that's right, five good-sized solar storms over one and a ...
Little Devil

Just a Lightwave 3D stereoscopic test render really. Motion capture was use for the character. All joints are controlled with morphs (still requires a little...
Doc Physics - General Relativity Einstein's Equivalence Principle and the Curvature of Space-time

Einstein had a knack for shaking things up. Accelerated reference frames are equivalent to gravitational fields, so a gravitational field can be viewed as ac...
Schwarzschild Space-Time Embedding Diagram The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualiza...
Opening the Eye of Light - intro sequence

This was the intro narrative to the theatrical production "Opening the Eye of Light" which played 2 sold out nights @ the Broach Theater during Fringe Festiv...
OpenCL 3D Gravity 500,000 Particles HD

Another test. Half a million particles in a rotating disk this time.
The Fabric of Space Time

Einstein saw a big problem with Newton's theory, a problem that arose from his work with light. Einstein knew light doesn't travel instantaneously. In fact, ...
Indie Lets play Asteroids

hello fabulous people of the internet and welcome to a INDIE game lets play its a free and addictive game where you must protect your self by shooting astero...
Particle Physics Engine

Configurable particle physics engine developed in C# with the XNA framework. The system provides an interface to tweak the physics of the particles universe ...
Defying Gravity 3D Animation

3D video rendered animation using bricks with Cinema 4D and math. Special effects destruction of a brick wall.
PHYS 210 Project - 3d wave on cylinder

PHYS 210 Project - gravitational waves G.Wave passing through the z-axis with plus polarization.
SpacetimeSimulator HowTo
Gravity Sketch allows you to draw in 3D, then walk around inside your sketches

Architects will soon be able to walk around inside 3D sketches of their projects and edit their designs as they go, according to the team behind the revoluti...

This is a test video of a tourist ship landing for refueling at an orbital refueling station.
Zefora-Dark Jupiter (Ghost Mix).wmv

An original electronic piece by Zefora.
Minecraft 3D Loop

Simple machine in minecraft, made for Reddit user DougLance.
Gravity Probe B

Gravity Probe B experiment.
Black Hole moving through space-time in 2-d to 3-d plane

Black Hole moving through space-time in 2-d to 3-d plane.
Simple 2D Character Animation Produced by Spacetime Control

Work in progress 2010/09/24 - This simple character animation was generated automatically using a Spacetime Control approach similar to the work of Witkin an...
Gravity Probe B Launch

Gravity Probe B Launch.
The Laze - Spacetime Fabric Conditioner (2009)

The Laze - Spacetime Fabric Conditioner (2009) / 04. Glassdüst at the Dísablót (8:53)
Gravity is not a field, it is an information exchange (Part I) - MetaMorgan TV (Part I) In today's episode Morgan discusses the simple origins of gravity in quantum information exchange, using some interesting...
Drawing gravity in three dimensions.

A continuation of my "drawing gravity" experiment. I would say this is a conclusion to my proposal: "Try imagining it in full 3d" at the end of the first vid...
Relativity 10a - uniform gravity/acceleration I

We are (finally!) at the point where we can begin to examine the detailed predictions of General Relativity. Here we start investigating the simplest non-tri...
Einstein's gravity explained

Mass distorts space time, we perceive this as gravity. A simple experiment tries to illustrate this distortion.
3D Gravity Simulation

Created with Visions Of Chaos.
energy density in space-time simulation
Space - Time Visualized

Physics theory seen by computer simulation has shown that spinning black holes crashing into each other produce several vortexes and "tendexes". The visualiz...
Let's Play An Indie Game - Gravity Bone

Sorry the game volume is so loud. I didn't know until I finished recording. Gravity Bone is a 3D action game played from a first-person perspective. Gravity ...
Whitcomb Reel August 2010

Melissa Whitcomb Demo Reel July 2010 3D Modeling, Texturing, Compositing Lightwave, zbrush, Photoshop, Bodypaint, aftereffects