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How The Border of India and Pakistan is Closed

Both sides are all about ceremony. The handshake towards the end should teach us something about other countries.
World's Most Dangerous Border

India vs Pakistan
India-Pakistan Boarder Ceremony

Every night!
Paragliders See Pakistan From A New Angle

DAREDEVILS hang from a parachute at 20,000ft for a breathtaking and seldom-seen view of Pakistan. Adventurers Petar Loncar, 27, from Serbia,...
Pakistan vs India Fourth Odi Amazing Dive by Gan

Pakistan vs India Fourth Odi Amazing Dive by Gan
Border Policeman Commits Suicide

In the midst of a farewell ceremony for French President Sarkozy, a border policeman committed suicide, causing a scare.
The Onion - India Pakistan Stand-Off

The threat of nuclear war hangs over the region with no end in sight, just as it has for the past three decades.
Drunk Cricket Fan Falls and Fails

A drunk Kiwi cricket fan falls over with his pint but manages to save a bit.
CWG Opening Ceremony, India Starts in Eshtyle

Check out for latest Commonwealth Information.
Special Coca-Cola Machines Connect India And Pakistan

"The relationship between India and Pakistan has been tense for decades. As a part of their global happiness campaign, Coca Cola set out to...
Ron Paul: "Protect Our Border, Not Pakistans"

Dr. Paul actually gets my nod of approval on this well spoken answer.
Crazy Motorcycle Stunt

Crazy Stunt in Pakistan
AAA In Pakistan

Oh Those Crazy Pakistanis
It Happens Only in India

just crazy!
Chocolate World Cup On Display In India

Take a look at this. It's a chocolate replica of the Cricket World Cup trophy. It's on display at this shopping mall in India's Hyderabad city...
Incredible India : India's Top 10 Achievements in 2014

As 2014 is near to close, here is a list some of India's Most Incredible Achievements in the Year 2014, ranging from Medicine to Outer Space.
Crazy Traffic in India

This is ridiculous
Mountain Board Collision

Crazy mountain border crashes into tree!
Crazy traffic in India

Looks like they need to invest in a stop light.
Crazy Dangerous Driving In India

Wait for it...
Pakistan Floods Destroy House

intense footage of a house being destroyed.
Dangerous intersection in India.

Many near accidents at a crazy intersection in India