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Farmers tell their stories: Direct seeding of rice using a drumseeder in Indonesia

Farmers tell their stories: Direct seeding of rice using a drumseeder in Indonesia
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Indonesia farmers fear China free trade fallout

A free trade deal between China and the Association of Southeast Nations (Asean) comes into affect this year. The government Indonesia, which is part of Asean, says removing barriers and...
For Japan Farmers, Radiation Fears Mean Economic Pain

For Japan Farmers, Radiation Fears Mean Economic Pain
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Indonesia farmers fear China free trade 7 fallout

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South Korean Farmers Protest Against Free Trade with China

More than ten thousand South Korean farmers held a rally to protest against a free trade deal with China. The farmers also called on their government to implement policies to protect them as...
Episode 14 Farmers Credit Union X Files

A universe where angels preach assimilation of other monstrous citizens of the planet.This was a build up to the building of a 1909 superplane called the Farallon.However the money to build it came from a parallel Earth where farmers from a rural...
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China-ASEAN Free Trade Area Created

China and ASEAN countries have created a free trading area that involves 1.9 billion people in trade. The Free Trade Area (FTA) has taken more than 10 years to establish.
Indonesia Fears Future Rice Shortage

Indonesia's young shun farming for the modern life, casting a shadow of worry over the country's future food security. Powered by Producer : Reuters
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Indonesia to implement ASEAN free trade agreement - Press TV News

Automatically uploaded video [VIDEO] Indonesia to implement ASEAN free trade agreement Thu, 01 Dec 2011 10:14:00 Url: "" #presstv #presstvandroid...
Dozens feared drowned as boat carrying suspected illegal immigrants sinks off western Malaysia


An overloaded boat carrying suspected illegal Indonesian immigrants sank as it left Malaysia's west coast early on Wednesday, and at least three passengers drowned and 34 were missing.

The boat…
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China-Asean Free Trade Area paves way for more trade

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Wira Chor Chee Heung says Malaysia cannot depend solely on conventional trading partners like USA, Europe and Japan, and that the China-Asean Free Trade Area ...
Jackass 3D Stuntman Steve-O Answers Fan Questions! - AMAs 2010

Todd Krim and Brandi Milloy ask "Jackass 3D" star Steve-O questions submitted by fans through Steve-O first talks about his favorite memory growing up, which involved chasing down Motley Crue in his hometown when he was 13. He then talks…
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China is promoting free trade

China has sent a major trade delegation to Europe on a multibillion dollar buying mission, in the latest sign that China is taking a very different approach from Western countries in stimulating...
Fear of Fallout

Fear of Fallout
To Become a Real Artist: Indonesian Sculptor I Nyoman Nuarta (In INDONESIAN + other subs) - To Become a Real Artist: Indonesian Sculptor I Nyoman Nuarta (In INDONESIAN), Episode: 672, Air Date: 17 - July - 2008
Talk - Trading Away Health: The Impact of Free Trade on Public Health

Talk by Dr. Steven Gloyd, co-author of "Sickness and Wealth: The Corporate Assault on Global Health" and Lori Wallach, Director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch recorded October 12, 2004...
Tourism Overflow from Bali Threatens Neighbors

Tourism is threatening the traditional livelihood of seaweed farmers on the tropical Indonesian island of Lembongan as visitors look for a peaceful alternative to its over-polluted and over-developed neighbour Bali.
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Indonesian Veggie Bakso Noodle Soup (In Indonesian+translation) - Indonesian Veggie Bakso Noodle Soup (In Indonesian). Episode: 893, Air date: 23 - Feb - 2009.
Currency issue and China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement - CCTV 101029
Swimmers in Shanghai World Championship Fear Contaminated Meat

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Thousands of athletes will arrive in Shanghai this week for the 14th World…
Compassionately Commemorating Eid al-Adha: Indonesian Spiced Coconut Vegan Rendang (In Indonesian+translations) - Compassionately Commemorating Eid al-Adha: Indonesian Spiced Coconut Vegan Rendang (In Indonesian). Episode: 812, Air date: 4 - Dec - 2008.
China farmer takes a stand

Anger over property confiscation is one of the main causes of unrest in China, as both authorities and property developers force farmers from their land. But one Chinese farmer has been...
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Taiwan's Ma pushes China trade pact

Taiwan is set to sign a free trade deal with China, in a move that will bring the two sides the closer than they have been in decades. Ma Ying-jeou, the island's president, believes it will...
Merapi's Continued Eruptions Raise Fear Among Villagers

Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano continues to erupt plumes of ash today. It's raising fears among villagers in the region, who fear their homes and livestock will be lost.

Indonesia’s Mount Merapi volcano erupted again on Thursday in its…
Indonesia downplays fears of Bali ceremony threat

Indonesian police Thursday moved to ease fears of a terror threat to the 10-year commemorations of Bali's nightclub bombings, after a top security alert was declared for the event that Australia's prime minister will attend.Duration: 00:39
H.E Nguon Meng Tech joins the ASEAN-Chinas Free Trade Fair in Nanning, China

January 07-08, 2010 H.E Nguon Meng Tech joins the ASEAN-Chinas Free Trade Fair in Nanning, China.
Dentist creates musical drill

Indonesian dentist creates a musical drill to combat fear in the chair. He's modified a conventional drill, changing the buzzing sound to music. Report by Lillya. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at http...
Why the Colombia Free Trade Agreement Will Benefit America

Three reasons the Colombia Free Trade Agreement will benefit America: 1) Grow the U.S. economy by opening up a market of 40 million people in Colombia to buy U.S. goods and services. ...
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Serbuan Produk Cina

Uang Kita ACFTA ( Asean- China Free Trade Agreement ) yang mulai berlaku sejak 1 Januari 2010 sejauh ini ternyata masih merugikan Indonesia, produk Cina bisa beredar bebas di negeri ini...
Alli's Chicken Santa Fe

Alli's Chicken Santa Fe Thu, 30 Sep 2010 00:11:00 EDT
Bloomberg: Japan Indonesia Free Trade Deal | Nov 30, 2008

Topic: Japan and Indonesia Signed Statement on Free Trade Deal Key Messages: Framework for a Free trade pact between Indonesia and Japan Slash tariffs on Japanese car import and allow ...
Greek default fallout fears spark European slump

European markets slumped for a second day amongst mounting speculation Germany is perparing for Greece to default. French Banks BNP, Societe Gererale and Credit Agricole slild more than nine per cent. Rumours increased Moody's may cut their…
US - China Trade

Center for American Progress Associate Director for International Economic Policy Jonathan Jacoby joined CNBC to discuss US trade relations with China. Ideas fuel progress. The Center...
Swine Flu..It never started ( Mexico

Swine Flu.. like we havent had enough from financial collapses we now have the animals getting even... A look at a Canadian farmer infecting his pigs ... are your belief structuures helping you or holding you down ?
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Indonesia seeks edge over China

Rising labour costs in China are sending foreign investors looking for opportunities in other countries with Indonesia keen to market itself as an alternative. The country has a large pool...
Farmers speak out on government subsidies - 8 Sep 2007

Many had hoped this year's APEC summit might re-ignite the Doha round of trade talks - aimed at liberalising trade around the world. So far though, there's been little progress. Al Jazeera...
Trouble brews for Indonesian coffee farmers

The price of coffee in Indonesia has dropped to a third of the price from one year ago, due to an oversupply of it in the world's market. This has caused many coffee farmers in Indonesia to...
China-Indonesia 2010 trade may hit US$40 bln - CCTV 101124