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MOM FucKeR ! 1° video w/GiulioCar725

Surprise motherfuckas, io sono MOM FucKeR e questo è il mio primo video che come vedrete è un vlog. spero che vi piaccia e che continuerete a seguirmi nei prossimi video. Mi raccomando, mettete...
THRUSTMASTER T-Flight Hotas X - Unboxing - Gameplay Ita | MOM FucKeR

Surprise Motherfuckas!!!!!! Visto che non carico video da molto tempo, ho deciso di ricominciare in bellezza con un Unboxing di un joystick o cloche che ci permetterà di giocare a dei simulatori....
Affliction® [ Comeback to CF] by AfroCF

WHATS UP PEOPLE? :D IM BACK MOMFUCKERS...AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS VIDEO Entry for MR.PJoker. This video is about 2 palyers FDKing and PTVM...2 CF players...well the style is not the ...
Gleber De Rapper feat Gangsta Soulja ) Dees is onze shit

wat de track zegt ,dat je ons niet kan dissen of luister nou zelf MOMfuckers.
[Mini-RSMV] Puto by Molotov

Hey guys, this is the video i made before leaving members, long story. hope you like it. People that helped me: Gameking672 Leo Israel X_Ponocho_X Bloodz Levi Love Arg 8XInuyashaX8...
04/26/09  FAQ 6

Vlogger had questions in her comment box, so I made a vlog to answer her questions.
deaf be music rap

royriorio's webcam video June 02, 2010, 05:50 PM.
hey i am deaf  world us story chillin

royriorio's webcam video June 02, 2010, 01:21 PM.
Pair Of Kings Season 1 Episode 13  Tone Deaf Jam

Pair Of Kings Season 1 Episode 13 Tone Deaf Jam Pair Of Kings Season 1 Episode 13 Tone Deaf Jam Pair Of Kings Season 1 Episode 13 Tone Deaf Jam Pair Of Kings Season 1 Episode 13 Tone...
IxHype Daytage #1

Well this is what I was left with today! I got 3 triple collate hit-markers and a lot of splits! All clips where hit on 5/27/2013 Song: Artist: Høsky Suscrib...
Arena Commander 1.0 - Mustang Delta - Rockets Only!

Playing Vanduul Swarm with the Mustang Delta and only using the dumbfire rockets. Also played around with setting up each rocket pod to fire with different buttons. 1 rocket is all that is...
Apple Deaf News: 09-08-2012

1. Apple is getting ready for event, 2. Heavy shipping for FedEx, 3. iPhone price and 4. iPod Touch/iPod Shuffle/New Nano.
Driving clip part 1

Leaving Oil City, PA, getting back on I-80.
Deaf single driver in nc

I am deaf in north carolina is single. Have work a job and travel deaf a live. Our has birth to see new girlfriend. All deaf do hate me by name. My name thigpen. How can find date thigpen.
deaf deaf prizren kosovo

Ik heb deze video gemaakt met de YouTube-functie voor het maken van diavoorstellingen (
REAP Presentation: Deaf Truckers

Brenda introduces her future presentation at Rochester Recreation of the Deaf (RRCD) about deaf truck drivers. Please come to help the deaf truckers.
Watch_Dogs: Special contract

Special contract PC specs: (SLI) Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 3GB + EVGA GeForce GTX 780 ACX 3GB CPU Intel Core i7 2600K 3.4Ghz (OC at 4.2GHz) MSI Z68A-GD80 (B3) motherboard SSD Crucial ...

OGIGAMEPLAY#2: ELITE DANGEROUS In questo nuovo gameplay, si vola nello spazio profondo con ELITE DANGEROUS!
Deaf rider

At Bens doing it.

luckys mustang beating a truck.
IMG 0665

deaf school driver van ,,C,,
DEAF RAPPER "best be calm life"

royriorio's webcam video March 23, 2011 10:49 AM.
deaf  rapper enjoy  where body go in city world

royriorio's webcam video Feb 13, 2011, 10:40 AM.
Just testing some new Flight Sim Gear

DCSW 1.2.14, 3x 1080P Main View Array, 1x Screen for MFD Output Thrustmaster WARTHOG Throttle, Thrustmaster MFDs. And the Normal PC Specs: AMD FX8350 @ 5.15 GHz, Watercooled, 16 GB ...
about me - growing up, school, work, and other stuff

This video is all in sign language.
talk about kids  safe world that good life

royriorio's webcam video June 06, 2010, 02:50 PM.
Z Van Driver's 2011 Journey

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor.
Deaf Car Guy Teaser

I'm a deaf guy who loves cars, I want to share with you a documentary that I put together about my car life. Don't forget to subscribe to me to see my new video!
good  be time in nyc
Guess What  Deafhood Book here!

It is a special announcement - I ordered the book "Understanding Deaf Culture" in search of Deafhood and got it today. Sharing with you why I support Deafhood? watch my vlog.
Post Office Discriminated Against Deaf Woman

America's Largest Deaf News. This video is signed in American Sign Language. No subtitles & voice. Produced by
How to keep your sponsor

Chaz Lightner burnout in f250 Cummins.
PS Vita Unboxing ITA [1080p]

Unboxing della PS Vita italiano.
DeafBlind Driver

At Seabeck deafblind camp, deafblind people drive. Help us caption & translate this video!
DCS World-SU 25T Probando mi Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog

gabo4830 Vídeo 1 Game: DCS World Author: gabo4830 uploaded via
deaf rapper have fun the time dance wink

i am deaf "enjoy fun  talk joke story scoff it"

royriorio's webcam video June 02, 2010, 05:33 PM.
ASL Story: Music in my truck

I accident put on really loud woman's voice on radio, i thought it was some kinds of music. then one of my bff changed it for me, it was hilarious!