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Penang/Super eruption pair with youngsters

7 days old Super/Penag eruption.
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** Discus Fry | Day 8 | Penang Eruption | Discus Fish **

Day 8, so far, so good. The fry have grown lots in their 1st week of life. I have lost a few, not sure why, maybe they were just weaker than the others. I pu...
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Penang Eruption Discus Fish These brightly coloured discus are know as Penang Eruption. Discus for sale in Canada, Shipping Available, Vancouver, Vancouv...
Cape Verde volcano eruption forces evacuations

A volcano in the Cape Verde archipelago off the coast of West Africa erupted on Sunday morning, prompting the prime minister to call for residents to evacuate.
The lava of the volcano is coming out for two points and ongoing is in progress an…
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Spotted Face Penang Eruption (Kenny's Discus)

Love this fish!
Fire Volcano eruption
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penang eruption Discus -

penang eruption Discus -
Volcanic eruption

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3.5" Penang eruption and 3.5" Mandarin passion

This video is about 3.5" Penang eruption and 3.5" Mandarin passion.
Raw footage of Mount Ontake volcano eruption

Incredible footage showing Japan's Mount Ontake erupting on September 27, 2014, at approximately 11:53 a.m. Japan Standard Time. Credit: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Chubu Regional Development Bureau.
Tungurahua Volcano Eruption 1st Feb 2014 - Live Video Footage

Find the latest video for this year's first eruption in Ecuador. The explosion could be heard in several cities including Guayaquil and the ash clouds could be seen in the capital city Quito too.
Find more information -…
5" Penang Eruption Lim Pei Hao

Top class discus from the master, Lim Pei Hao, creator of the Albino Pearl Diamond [which we won 2nd in class 9 with at Aquarama 2007 in collaboration with J...
Eruption Effervescent Electrolyte and Energy Supplement, Magmaberry, 10 Count Review

Eruption Effervescent Electrolyte and Energy Supplement, Magmaberry, 10 Count Review
Raw Video: African Volcano Erupts Africa's most active volcano has sent a spectacular display of lava and bright orange smoke and ash into the night sky in Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Penang Eruption Discus Fish With Close-up Of Eggs

Visit us at Penang Eruption discus fish breeding pair laying eggs.
Des cascades de lave à Hawaï après l'éruption du volcan Kilauea

De magnifiques images de cascades de lave après l'éruption du volcan Kilauea à Hawaï.
THE OTHER SIDE OF MEMORY- by Ridha Ridha - Art works

Ridha Ridha Art works that has been completed in exile. It represents his reflections on the tragedy of his homeland (IRAQ) and the untold suffering of the Iraqi people throughout the past half century, from the rule of the Fascist Ba’ath to the…
Disco Penang eruption

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American Volcano

Mount Rainier is a ticking time bomb that could dwarf the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, sending massive lahars and mudslides toward the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area.
Discus Fish,Penang Eruption-Leopard snakeskin-Chen's Discus.

Penang Eruption Discus fish-Leopard snakeskins watching over eggs.Eggs layed on breeding cone in seperate tank in fish room.Chen's Discus.
La Terre En Colère - Episode 2 - Eruptions Volcaniques [HD]

Face à la nature qui se déchaîne, l'homme demeure encore totalement impuissant. Cette série emmène le téléspectateur au coeur de certains phénomènes climatiques parmi les plus impressionnants du monde. Chaque épisode fait découvrir des catastrophes…
Penang Eruption Discus

Excellent quality Penang Eruptions for Discus South UK from Malaysia. Supplied by Jeff Yang @ Fishtradezone in Malaysia.
Costa Rica's Turrialba volcano eruption

Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano staged its most powerful eruption in more than a century overnight, belching a plume of gas and ash that was reported to sprinkle the capital San Jose some 50 kilometres away.
No Comment | euronews: watch the...
PENANG ERUPTION baby discus for sell 2"- 2.5"

hi i have alot of PENANG ERUPTION baby discus for sell 2"- 2.5".The colour is just beginning to come out, so in mouth time it will have very nice colour and ...
Snaking Filament Eruption

Costa Rica volcano's largest eruption in over a century

The Turrialba volcano's largest eruption in over a century rained ash over parts of central Costa Rica on Thursday, prompting authorities to evacuate some of the nearby communities.
** Discus Breeding Pair Penang Eruption | Discus Fish  **

My new breeding pair of Penang Eruption Discus fish. I bought them from Chens discus UK. Amazing quality fish. They laid eggs within a week. I ended up with ...
Costa Rica: le volcan Turrialba en éruption

La plus importante éruption du volcan Turrialba, en plus d'un siècle, a provoqué des pluies de cendres sur certaines régions du centre du Costa Rica, jeudi, ce qui a précipité les autorités à évacuer les localités avoisinantes.
My Penang Eruption Pair

This video is about My Penang Eruption Pair.
Impressionnante éruption volcanique au Costa Rica

Cela fait plus de trois jours que Turrialba crache cendre et poussière. Situé à une soixantaine de km de la capitale du Costa-Rica, le volcan de plus de 3300 mètres de haut est entré en activité mercredi soir. Depuis, deux éruptions ont eu lieu...
Penang Eruption, Altum Flora, Cobalt Discus Growth Update

Update on my Discus January 20th, 2011 -40 Gallon Tank Bare Bottom -Eat Hakari FB, BS, FDBW, Beef Heart with Pro Growth Been growing since July 2010, added t...
Rose Red, Golden Diamond, and Penang Eruption Discus @ Tropiquatics! 12/11/2013

We have some beatiful batches of Rose Red, Golden Diamond, and Penang Eruption Discus available. Please contact us for with all inquiries. Price and size lis...
Costa Rica : le volcan Turrialba entre en éruption

La plus importante éruption du volcan Turrialba en plus d'un siècle a provoqué des pluies de cendres sur certaines régions du centre du Costa Rica, et précipité l'évacuation de localités avoisinantes.
Penang Eruption Proven Pair of Discus, at ANGELFISHUSA #039

Penang Eruption Breeding pair of Discus.
Group of 4 young Discus ( Penang Eruption, Altum Flora )

Growing out 4 young Discus in my 40 Gallon bare bottom tank. Rena Filstar X3, Sponge Filter 2 x Hi Body AES x Penang Eruption 3.75 - 4" 1 x Altum Flora 3.75 ...
Penang Eruption
Penang eruption discus juvies update

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