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ONE LIFE [dedications+]

jup..i rarely uploaded something because school just stressed me.
so well i came up with a small video for the 'I'm not dead' message :D

-srry that it's bad...i'll edit with more passion (and time) next time~
amv of metallica

The BEST AMV Ever!!!!!

WoW : Trailer non officiel Icecrown par Atemu

Un trailer "non officiel" de la vidéo réalisée par Jack : Icecrown Citadel, réalisé par Atemu.

a cool AMV
evangelion AMV

Atemu (Castel in the sky)

Un clip de moi et mon eternel : Atemu
AMV Around the World

an AMV of Fireflies by Owl City
Wolf's Rain: Numb - AntiWSPU

Ah!! another AMV made by Alias.....
OMG!! he made it so awesome.....

Anyways... it has something to do with Kiba and Tsume.....
Alias will fill in the details today.... err!! tomorrow....
And did I say... this is the best…
Pharao - Temple Of Love [HDR]

Happiness in Slavery

Nine Inch Nails amv, enjoy!
Wolf's Rain: Thanks For The Memories

Just a random AMV.... mainly concentrated on Darcia killing everyone... ^.^....

So... yeah!! another Darcia Tribute.....
- pv_mills
Pharao - There is a star [HDR]

bleach amv

bleach-prayer of refugee
Wolf's Rain: Tomorrow - AntiWSPU

The first AMV made by Anti-Wolf Special Unit.....
Enjoy... ^.^.......
- pv_mills
Pharao - I show you secrets

eurodance 90s
Bleach-Prayer of refugee

bleach a.m.v. prayer of refugee
Wolf's Rain: Navy Song - AntiWSPU

This is just the edited version of the old AMV made by pv_mills....
- Alias

It's like they both lost their love... and are trying to take revenge......
- pv_mills
[MMD Yu-G-Oh!] Timber [Atemu Yugi]

[MMD Yu-G-Oh!] Timber [Atemu Yugi]
Nichijou Dubstep HD

yep, an anime AMV.
Yusuke vs. Sensui

Recreated AMV
Secret Love - Anzu & Atemu

My Anzu and Atemu AMV
Avatar AMV Book 2

The second season of avatar the last airbender set to amber by 311
Wolf's Rain: Until The End - Anti-WPSU

This video is mainly made by Alias...
He messed it in the last.... ^.^.....

Enjoy... sayo-nara....
- pv_mills
Pharao - World Of Magic
Death Note AMV- Dark Shin

a weird AVM
Wolf's Rain: River Below - AntiWSPU

A tribute to Darcia....

Keep Watching.. ^.^.
- Alias

Sure there is a mistake in the credits..... Its 'Billy' not 'Bill' silly.... ^.^...
- pv_mills.
Pharao I show you secrets

Pharao I show you secrets
Yuri Boyka

The Most Complete Fighter In The World AMV
Romantic Ideas For Valentines Day Romantic Ideas For Valentines Day: Planning a special Valentine’s Day together gives you and your partner the opportunity to enjoy even more time together and to make plans which you know you will both love.
Atemu presents Icecrown Citadel Movie Trailer #2 by Jack

Atemu presents Icecrown Citadel Movie Trailer #2 by Jack, starring Millenium Guild.

(An English Version will be available for the final movie)

Jack on Facebook :
Death Note AMV - Emerge

Video created by me. Wanted to dedicate that video to a beautiful anime, Death Note. Used song "Emerge" of "Fisherspooner" and Premiere CS4....
Pharao world of magic
Final Fantasy Mona Lisa Overdrive

this is an AMV i made a while ago with final fantasy advent children
Pharao - World Of Magic

Crazy Sexy Funny AMV Rock

A little something I put together with some kick ass music by The Offspring.
Allods Rehber Video Atemu

Allods Rehber Yarışması
Vampire Hunter D To No Reasons

A Vampire Hunter D AMV to Atrophys No Reasons -
Pharao - I show you secret
Falling Dreams - Kingdom Hearts AMV

Anime Boston 2008 AMV Contest - Best of Show Sakura-Con 2008 AMV Contest - Drama Finalist Title: Falling Dreams Game: Kingdom Hearts I and...
Pharao - Temple Of Love [HDR]

Will you die for me

Animated Hip-Hop AMV

Deer vs. Hunter

Deer Wins.
Stack Of Fuk Sht

Best AMV ever.
Naruto AMV - Nickelback

Naruto AMV - One of The Best - With Photograph Song from NickelBack More hot video on www.WatchFreeAnime.Net
Naruto AMV - TECHNO Music

Best of Naruto AMV with Techno Music, Must See if You Are Naruto Fans. More hot video on www.WatchFreeAnime.Net
Big Sean - High adventure time amv

Just a big fan of adventure time and Big Sean's song: High/ Youtube Link:
Kid Cudi - No One Believes Me Soul Eater Amv - Kishins Madness

Youtube Link