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10 Most Horrifying Wrestling Injuries Of All Time

Pro-Wrestling may be scripted, but that doesn't mean it's tied up so tight in paper and plotlines that nothing can go wrong. Throughout the history of the sport, there have been some pretty...
Episode 56 - Getting Vicious - Valentina Vicious vs Scarlett Squeeze - REAL WRESTLING!

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Military wrestling 2
Newcomers David Excalibur v Jeffrey Branson

Video starts with Adonis newcomer David, cleaning his military boots. Superhot young newcomer musclegod Jeffrey appears and he tries to force…
World Toe Wrestling Championships

Hulk Hogan and The Rock had it wrong. Toe wrestling is real wrestling.
Real Pro Wrestling - Joe Williams Vs Donny Pritzlaff

For those all who wanna watch RPW matches.
This Parody Film Shows You The Real Awesomeness Of Wrestling

A somewhat-mostly-accurate educational parody film by Max Landis.
Catfight, Female Wrestling Video Clip Catfight, Female Wrestling. Blonde Swedish sisters. Jessica, real “Baywatch” material, battles feisty Annica in a female wrestling catfight, as Swedish epithets fly.
Pokemon in Real Life

Kids in pokemon costumes get really hurt in a backyard. (I made this extra version of the video as a personal experiment...)
When Wrestlers Get Real Compilation

Rights to the videos go to BentPixels and Televisa.
Episode 2 - More than they Could Chew - Scripted Mixed Wrestling w/ Real Female vs Female...

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Greco-Roman Wrestling Defense

Ex Junior World Greco Roman Wrestling Coach Grigori Davidyan from St. Petersburg Greco Roman Club, Finland teaches Feet, Gut, And Lift defense : Parterre Defense Techniques.
Greco Roman Wrestling Parteere
Farm Girls Having Crazy Catfight In Backyard!

Farm Girls Having Crazy Catfight In Backyard! Uncut Sexy Catfighting Videos @ blond girls real wrestling bikini vs women fighting fight hot wrestler diva goddes fighting girls
CZW Combat Zone Wrestling EXTREME!!!

Real Extreme Wrestling, Hit like, SUBSCRIBE. Hope you guys Enjoy.
Real Female vs Female Arm Wrestling - Sister vs Sister - Electra Jamison vs Monroe Jamison

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Parteere Defense Greco Wrestling

Ex Junior World Greco Roman Wrestling Coach Grigori Davidyan from St. Petersburg Greco Roman Club, Finland teaches Feet, Gut, And Lift defense : Parterre Defense Techniques.
Greco Roman Wrestling Parteere
WWE Superstars in Real Life

some pictures of the wwe stars on tour or in life!

TrueStoryASA EVENT BOOKING: To book TrueStoryASA to perform at your event or to tell us about an event in your area that you would like to see us perform at please email: ...
Charlee Angel challenges Savannah Scissors to a real wrestling match!

From 2012: Charlee challenged Savannah to a Fan's Choice match, but Savannah never accepted!

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Rough wrestling with Max

Max Summers v Alfredo Castaldo

Sadistic guard, Alfredo, forces the giant titan prisoner, Max, to do push-ups as a punishment. The guard is yelling and tries everything to cause hard times for poor Max…
WCW - Goldberg Spears a Guy Real HARD!

Goldberg spearing Kanyon in WCW. Good ol' days! R.I.P Kanyon (1970-2010)
Gay wrestling on MTV -Wrestlehard presents-Brute Beast Battle Terminator destroys Muscle Champion

These 2 huge Champion Bodybuilders cannot resist a Pose-off to start, which quickly becomes a full blown Body Worship and Oil session.

Best Hulk Hogan Tribute Real American

Hulkster - still the King! Hulk Hogan in the 1980's. Hope all you Hulkamaniacs enjoy our tribute to the one and only Hulkster
Public WWE Finishers

Performing WWE wrestling finishers in public 2015. LOL. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
Episode 31 - Impromptu - Monroe Jamison vs Johnny Ringo - Real Mixed Wrestling - The Preview Video

This really was "Impromptu" and somehow Ringo walked away with his life. But, did he walk away with a win?

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Duke Nukem Arm Wrestle Jace Hall Jace Hall used to be a video game developer & now has his own webisode The Jace Hall Show where he interviews celebs, preview video games and do hilarious skits. If you're a gamer or just like comedy then this show's for…
Real Dirty Mudwrestling in Sexy Bikinis

dirty mud fight bikini mud wrestling catfighting championship fight girls fighting wrestling girl spandex tight
Top 10 Wrestling Controversies

Wrestling is fake. There, we said it. But sometimes, things get a little too real. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 wrestling controversies. To get your...
Episode 37 - Crisis - Buffy Ellington vs Lillian Grey - Real Wrestling - The Preview Video!

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Fight of the year
Chris Stone vs. Fernando Nielsen

WrestleHard's Superhero, Chris "Lord of Pain" Stone, meets a real rival this time. Superstar bodybuilder giant Fernando Nielsen (6'4", 270lbs pure muscle…
Money in the Bank Ladder Match Official Real Scale Ring Jakks WWE Wrestling Action Figure Playset

Watch in HD!! Ringside Collectibles Figure Insider takes a look at the Official Scale Money in the Bank Ladder Match Ring WWE wrestling action figure playset by Jakks Pacific, which you can order now from ! Use…
Grim's Toy Show ep 897: REAL Ring Wrestling Match!! WWE Figure collections! Mattel Toys!

Save 10% at RINGSIDE COLLECTIBLES with discount code "GRIM" here: Dr Travones channel: ...
Episode 13 - Here comes Haley, Again - Real Female vs Female Wrestling - Preview

Haley Davidson feels like she has improved and wants to take me on again. Well, come on Haley. I'm game! This is a best of 5 falls matchup. If you get a membership, please do so by clicking the sign up links through MY website. http://www...
Custom Sports Apparel Rekonize The Best We make real Custom Sports Apparel from scratch not just put letters on a ready made off the rack clothes. In 1997 World Karate Champion and Rock Steady Crew Member Grand Master Jerry Fontanez GM Fast Feet created what…
Girl Wrestling female wrestling girl wrestling Women wrestling mixed wrestling catfighting wrestling Ultimate Female Fighting...
Wrestling Isn't Wrestling

A somewhat-mostly-accurate educational parody film by Max Landis. This production is not monetized, and not for profit. The clips used herein are used with direct reference, as critique,...
Episode 19 - Goodnight Johnny Ringo - Male vs Female Real Wrestling - Preview

I've come a LONG way since Episode 1. After finding out Johnny sent the Hammer to spy on me I use my anger and rage as I decide to challenge him to a rea 5 fall matchup. He accepts. And this time.......not to spoil the finish or anything…
Fashion model defeated
Tatooed Junior v Giuseppe Pardi

Tough muscleman, Junior, is looking at his girlfriend's photo with soft emotions on his face. Supercute adonis newcomer, Giuseppe, arrives and Junior shows the photo of his…
Tiffany's Bikini Oil Wrestling (1 of 3)

Real Radio 104.1 Tiffany from Monsters in the Morning presents Bikini Oil Wrestling. 7/17/10 Rodeo's Mount Dora, FL
WWE FAKE !!!!! ( Proof ) 100% FAKE PEOPLE

here is proof of why wrestling is fake.
HBO Real Sports-Deaths in Wrestling

Homesporting-Royal Present HBO Real Sports-Deaths in Wrestling
Mud Digger Colt Ford Ft. Lenny Cooper (real One) Lyrics

note the one ford in the video... all the hoes coughin truck is always poppin middle of newbury got the parkin lot rockin old folks hate but they still steadily watchin wishin we would quit but us rednecks aint stoppin we mud boggin you stuck…
Top 7 Pro Wrestling Shoots (real fights)

Subscribe here ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- My list for the top 7 shoots...
Real Wrestling

This is a clip of two boys fight in home one of them is jhon cena
WWE Hulk Hogan Entrance Video (real American)

WWE Hulk Hogan entrance video
Real Backyard Pro Wrestling JJ Jetson Vs I-Ton (1987) Part #1 of 3

Real Backyard Pro Wrestling in Tiger Dori Singh's backyard, Richmond B.C. Canada JJ Jetson vs I-Ton (1987) Part #1 of 3 Ref: Master Singh
Is Arm Wrestling a Real Sport? | American Muscle

When Tank Dog finds out the gym is training a professional arm wrestler, he declares that arm wrestling isn't a real sport. There's only one way to settle this: an arm wrestling match! | For...