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Pacific Banji  Ft. Nathalie Kasika - Kaza Mwendo - (Official Music Video)

Pacific Banji is a Kenyan artist.
LP 'Tuungane' available for download & streaming on
©2014 Under license to CD RUN - Melynga - (Re)Discover the best World Music For You - Melynga is your channel for all the best reggae…
World Choir Games TV Show

The concept of calling into being an event like the World Choir Games, taking the Olympic ideal into the arts, arose from the dream to peacefully unify singing people and nations connected by song in a fair competition. The idea should inspire…
Buy Bespoke Personalised Univerisity Graduation Choir Gowns UK Online Buy Graduation Gowns Online Choir Robes UK - We are a family run company with over a decade of experience in the academic ceremonial robing business and supply Graduation and Academic Gowns, Dress items including…
Virtual Kirtan Choir sings Ma Durga by Krishna Das

Kirtan lovers from all over the globe sing Ma Durga by Krishna Das, as a Virtual Kirtan Choir.

Visit for more information!
George Sink Injury Lawyers, Charleston SC, McDonalds Choir Showcase The McDonald's Choir Showcase was performed by local church choirs, praise and worship teams, and contemporary christian groups. This years was a huge success.
Honda Civic Choir - commercial

Instead of singing, a choir makes the noises of a car engine, while it drives, rain noise...
Lando Van Herzog and the Cologne Cathedral Boys Choir; Vince Bosco presents new French film, LYA; Actor, director Chris Mitchell's comedy "Life's A Joke"; Michael Sweet Music Video, and film trailer of Holiday Heart-warmer Noëlle

This month on video you will see trailers and video clips of Lando Van Herzog: Music and Muscle... The Voice and The Violin, making his return appearance to our video report with the Cologne Cathedral Boys' Choir (; World…
Catholic Mass, Children's choir

Complete Catholic Mass from a countryside Catholic Chapel in the U.S. Children's choir with organ. Homily on becoming holy heroes as single people, married couples, priests and religious sisters, nuns, brothers and monks. A challenge to live our…
Michael Sweet Music Video of Holiday Heart-warmer Noëlle; Lando Van Herzog and the Cologne Cathedral Boys Choir

Michael Sweet sings Christmas Carol Noelle while scenes from the upcoming film ( about a business minded Catholic priest who closes churches screens; and German pop singer Lando Van Herzog (…
Olympic Song – Lyrics in Greek  Celebrate Humanity !  Choir & Hymn-Version.

Olympic Song Project „Celebrate Humanity !“
Lyrics in Greek ( The language of the Olympia )
Choir & Hymn-Version ( Picture-Video ).
As part of The Olympic Music Maratone
Olympic Song „Celebrate Humanity !“  Choir & Hymn-Version. English. Part 1

Olympic Song Project „Celebrate Humanity !“
Choir & Hymn-Version. English. Part 1 ( Picture-Video ).
As part of The Olympic Music Maratone