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Sec. Tom Vilsack Announces Emission Cuts by Dairy Producers

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Erin Fitzgerald, Director of Social and Environmental Innovation at Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), hosted a media event to announce an agreement with U.S. dairy producers to cut greenhouse gases.
Tom Green Baseball

Tom Green gets a chance to be a baseball announcer.
Tokyo Counterpoint - Swimming In Love I Mole Listening Pearls

Junichi Hoshino is one of the most revered producers working in Tokyo today. Under his alias, Tokyo Counterpoint, he has mixed disparate styles into one intoxicating musical brew. Originally producing and remixing tracks for some of Japans biggest J…
Tom Cruise signs Anonymous-mask - pwnd in 39 secs 0:19-"No mask

lol... I give tom credit for that haha
Arkansas gets screwed by SEC referees

Watch the series of blown calls that got the SEC Referee crew suspended. The announcers even commented on how bad the calls were.
Reduced Emissions Device - R.E.D Teslagram - Ecosol Global

This video is about the new product of EcoSol Global which is R.E.D or Reduced Emissions Device. It is a technology created to minimize release...

Amid strong global demand for the worlds first affordable mass-produced, zero-emission vehicle, Nissan will open order books in Europe for Nissan...
Kommercial Kut: Public Service Announcement

Not what you'd expect...
Rain Man Re-cut

The role tom cruise was born to play
tom crusie scientology bloopers

Tom Cruise Scientology Tape was leaked to the internet, but wait until you see what was left on the cutting room floor.
Tom Green Gets Pissed Off

Guitarist from Jackyl comes on the show and starts cutting up Toms desk with a chainsaw. None of it was planned and Tom Green was mad.
The Evolution of Tom Cruise's Run

As of 2011, Tom Cruise has run in 75% of his movies. Here is the comprehensive cut of them all. Enjoy!
How to Cut Carbon Emissions.mp4

Whippersnapping climate campaign 10:10 teams up with legendary comic screenwriter Richard Curtis - you know, Blackadder, Four Weddings, Notting...
Abridged PS4 Announcement

What you really need to know about the PlayStation 4.
The Dinka Tribe From Africa's Sudan Region

The hot desert can make it difficult for the Dinka's dairy cows to produce enough milk to feed their families. When that happens they must help...
Livid Producer Screaming During Report

guess they could not cut to commercial because the control guys were the ones going at it
Organized Rhyme - Papercuts

From their 1992 album "Huh? Stiffenin Against The Wall" featuring Tom Green.

Generations of selective breeding, driven by the desire for higher financial gain, have deformed her body to produce milk in far greater...
Renault Gives Spark to Electric Revolution

Its only two years since the Renault-Nissan Alliance announced its attention to mass market zero emission vehicles and now, with less than 12...
Renault Gives Spark to Electric Revolution

Its only two years since the Renault-Nissan Alliance announced its attention to mass market zero emission vehicles and now, with less than 12...
Prophetic 1995 Student Internet PSA

This Public Service Announcement (PSA) was produced in 1995 by the 5th grade students at Ray Bjork school in Helena Montana. The production...
Record-breaking Galaxy Cluster

Scientists announce the discovery of a galaxy cluster that produces 740 stars per year.
Reporter Chokes

The producers of the show should have cut to commercial or something long before they did. A reporter starts choking while she is live on the air.
Porsche Carerra GT Demolished

The producer donated his own 480,00 Porsche Carerra GT to be destroyed in the movie. Cut, take 2.
2 Sec KO

2 Sec KO
Illinois State Barbeque Championship Rib Winners Tom Carfrae of The BBQ Show listens in as the winners are announced at the Shannon Illinois State BBQ Championship.