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Epic fart 5

Sit Crush.

Orange Crush listens to "sit". Very affectionate, great with kids & other cats :) would make a prefect addition to any family.
Giantess butt crush
Extreme Sitting On People Prank! (GIRLS EDITION)

Another NEW Epic Prank: ➤ Subscribe to me: ➤ Big Thanks To...
Kenya's Sex-for-Fish Trade

Sex for Fish (2007): Kenya's female fish sellers have to pay a high price for their supplies. As well as buying the fish, they're expected to sleep with the ...
Crushing a toy car

Made by Rubylicious! For Info, Custom clips & more visit Or add me on messenger Bye x!
Crush Brothers bodybuilders use muscle and strength to tear steel apart

Look how easily these bodybuilders tear steel apart like it's nothing. The power we contain is endless. We use are superior strength to destroy anything that...
Smell my farts !

via YouTube Capture.
Heather stepping on the moth

poor thing hahah.
Fitness Model Crushes Soda Cans With Her Butt

Fitness Model Crushes Soda Cans With Her Butt: Booty Muscles Squeezes Cans Do you think you could crush a beer can with your glutes? Okay, go try it. I'll wa...
Sit n Go Strategy - Crush the Regs SNG Series vol 3: Anti-Strategies

Visit to view the entire video and the rest of the videos from...
Secret Crush

Hidden secrets are coming to light as four women try to find their way through lies, obstacles and betrayals. Join them as they find their own personal paths...
Hugh Jackman Giantess

Hugh Jackman. Look under him though. There may or may not be a stick man. This is a video of Hugh Jackman being unaware of people who are by him. Just so ya ...
part 2 candid army crush
Under chair
Candid Buttcrush smiley 002

I broke my stroller

Don't let teenagers sit in strollers.

A quick one for Lillith.
Little man in ass
my life update and anus

sorry if you can't hear me my webcam and speakers have been fucking up.
Fat Woman playing with balloon

Fat woman playing with balloon.
Child abuse caught on tape in China, trying to crush his fingers.

The screams of this child are haunting my mind. The woman in the video is accusing him of stealing. No matter what he did or didn't do, no defenseless child ...
Girl steps on a rat

The girl who stood on a dead rat! LMFAO.
kayla broke the chair

shes a fat ass.
Kitty Crushing Fetish Goes to the Supreme Court

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Big fat man sit on little man

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Nike stomping Ball's

Meine Nike Free's zertreten Pingpong Bälle.
Old candid cig crush 90S

candid crush.
Merry BTCHmas!

Nela BTCH!
chair crush
081209 fart compilation

GiantessJ Slow Car Crush

Two foil cars are crushed in this one and the speed was slowed down to half speed.
Super, Awesome Gunge Compilation - Volume 4

Gunge, Gunge and more Gunge to awesome music. Did I mention, Gunge?
My Sexy ass Crush on YouTube... Stay tuned

What is up my beautiful people? My name is Michael, and I am a some-what open GAY person... What can I say, I love my beautiful people. So if you like what c...
Candid Picture Trample II

Second day of my dog picture. Did I mention that this is the last picture I have of one of my dogs, now deceased? That makes this picture actually very preci...
Roxi D'Lite's ASSCAKE

Burlesque superstar Roxi D'Lite pledged to sit her ass in a cake if The Goon Kickstarter campaign reached the $400000 goal before the deadline. More than 7,...
A Soft Seat Giantess  Butt crush

This was made by myself using poser 3 D animation program and tracktion, cuebase, and various VSTs for background ambient music ,This is not a computer game ...

World of POV: Unaware Mother 2

The newest movie from the World of POV - feat. Jill Diamond as an unaware mother, killing her shrunken kids and their shrunken friends, thinking they are bug...
Black sexy HH

the doll speaks to me !!! I'll kill it!! I'll kill it!! fucking sit on you! fucking sit on any yall bitches!! (No I do not actually believe the doll speaks.....
Candid FEET
cat vs cushion