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Candid camera: A short sitcrush (crush crushing stomp stomping zertreten ecrasement ecrase)

I hid a h0-scale car under the seat (crush crushing stomp stomping zertreten ecrasement ecrase)
Candid camera: Sitcrush (crush crushing stomp stomping zertreten ecrasement ecrase)

A short but successful attempt to destroy the red car. You can hear the very loud crack as she sits on the chair. (crush crushing stomp stomping zertreten ...
Sit Crush.

Orange Crush listens to "sit". Very affectionate, great with kids & other cats :) would make a prefect addition to any family.
Girl Sits on her Doll

girl sits on her doll.
Candid camera: two toy cars under chair cushion (sitcrush, buttcrush)

I have a metal car and a plastic rc car hidden under the seat. Unfortunately, the pressure was too weak to crush the cars. (crush crushing stomp stomping ...
City Hunter Sit / Butt Crush scene

Sit Crush scene from Jackie Chans: CITY HUNTER.
Giantess Butt Crush

A massive giantess crushing a city with her butt and a little vore. Full video is on my blog. To get access, subscribe then message me.
Candid camera: Toy cars under chair and chair cushion

First i put a toy car unnoticed under the chair, then later under the chair cushion. I filmed secretly with my photocamera. Hope you enjoy... :-) (crush crushing ...
Outrage over bunny smashing!

A video of a woman sitting on a bunny till it's crushed to death has enraged many netizen. Find out what some people feel should be done.
Kenya's Sex-for-Fish Trade

Sex for Fish (2007): Kenya's female fish sellers have to pay a high price for their supplies. As well as buying the fish, they're expected to sleep with the fishermen ...
Crushing & kicking several Teddy Bears

Kicking and crushing several Teddy Bears.. request.....
Smell my farts !

via YouTube Capture.
promo website

Promo filmpje website.
Boot beats chair

deck chairs should know better.
Crushing of asscakes

Pastries meet their doom.
Crush food butt crush

Crush food butt crush.
High heel crush pelz4

Dieses Video wurde von einem Android-Telefon hochgeladen.
Fitness Model Crushes Soda Cans With Her Butt

Fitness Model Crushes Soda Cans With Her Butt: Booty Muscles Squeezes Cans Do you think you could crush a beer can with your glutes? Okay, go try it.
Bubble Butt POP !!

Watch me blow up some balloons then pop them by sitting on them with my plump ass.
Sit n Go Strategy - Crush the Regs SNG Series vol 3: Anti-Strategies

Visit to view the entire video and the rest of the videos from this ...
Teddy doing sit shake down

Adoptable dog Teddy showing off his skills. Thanks to Rachel Pike for the video. To meet Teddy, complete: ...
Secret Crush

Hidden secrets are coming to light as four women try to find their way through lies, obstacles and betrayals. Join them as they find their own personal paths to ...