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CRIME BLOTTER: Sixteen sex charges filed in Corona teacher case

Sixteen felony sex charges were filed Tuesday, Aug. 13, against Summer Michelle Hansen, a special-education teacher at Centennial High School in…
Frances and Gloria (teen years) - Scene from: Bye Bye Blondie (2011)

Gloria (Béatrice Dalle) and Frances (Emmanuelle Béart) met in the 80s. They are in love as we love when we are sixteen: sex, drugs and rock & roll…
►The Sex Tutor (A Wattpad Story) | Really Don't Care

I do not own anything from this video. Link: Summary: "Very funny, Harry." Poking at…
Film-Annonce Bye Bye Blondie de Virginie Despentes / Au cinéma le 21 mars 2012

Gloria et Frances se sont rencontrées dans les années 80. Elles se sont aimées comme on s'aime à seize ans : drogue, sexe et rock&roll. Puis la vie…
CRIME BLOTTER: Parents rally behind arrested Centennial teacher

Parents whose children were taught by Summer Michelle Hansen, a Corona teacher arrested on suspicion of having sex with a student, are rallying to…
Teacher Smiling As She Denies Not Having Sėx With 5 of Her Students

A California high school teacher accused of having sėx with five students was all smiles when she appeared in court this week. Summer Hansen…
2 Mile Radius
The One(1) Mile Radius Project

The One(1) Mile Radius Project - Documentary Trailer for Graphic Design for Print Capstone Course; Emory Center for Life Long Learning. Prints for…
someone like you by Rachel Hansen

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Dozed Awf. - Based Boy X YoungJoedy

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We Are Not So Different

All humanity has some traits in common.
Dangerous Love - A Hot Nelena Love Story Ep 10