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CRIME BLOTTER: Sixteen sex charges filed in Corona teacher case

Sixteen felony sex charges were filed Tuesday, Aug. 13, against Summer Michelle Hansen, a special-education teacher at Centennial High School in Corona. The ...
►The Sex Tutor (A Wattpad Story) | Really Don't Care

I do not own anything from this video. Link: Summary: "Very funny, Harry." Poking at his nose...
[Terra Markova- Cirque Mystique]

Terra Markova-Age : Sixteen Sex- Female Past: Terra Markova born in the same area Raven was currently learning her powers; got confused for her- A New Earth ...
Silent Duplicity *Breyer Series Casting Call* (Wave One)

LINES AND EVERYTHING IN VIDEO DOWN HERE~ Casting call closes August 10th! Rules- -Must be mature enough to handle role given -Must be able to send lines as audio files -Must get lines in...
Frances and Gloria (teen years) - Scene from: Bye Bye Blondie (2011)

Gloria (Béatrice Dalle) and Frances (Emmanuelle Béart) met in the 80s. They are in love as we love when we are sixteen: sex, drugs and rock & roll! Then life...
[ Alice -CM]

Alice left the Cirque mystique when Cheshire died; When Cheshire died, she' changed and her Wonderland drowned with her happy ending; becoming course and un-...
Here's Proof They Do Reoffend Pt 2

This video shows that it isn't just high profile sex offenders that reoffend.
MORENO VALLEY: Vehicle crashes into medical building

A vehicle crashed into the side of a medical building on Tuesday, August 13.
Sexual Offenses Act

Sexual Offenses Act: More Sexual offenders may now land behind bars has a proposal has been put forward.
CRIME BLOTTER: Redlands teacher's victim believes sentence is too short

Former Redlands teacher Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst pleaded guilty Wednesday, July 31, to six felony charges after having sex with underage students and will ...
Raw Video: Corona Village Condos Fire 2

Raw video of a fire burning at the Corona Village Condos courtesy of AirTracker 7. Clip #2.
Deputies, marshals to check up on registered sex offenders

sex offenders in bernalillo county may be getting a knock on the door tomorrow during trick-or-treating hours, but they shouldn't expect kids in costume. fed...
1 Killed, 4 Injured In Corona Solo Car Crash

A 20-year-old woman was killed and four others were injured in a solo car crash Monday in Corona. Police said the female motorist of a Ford Mustang was heade...
Our nasty school nicknames, shopping haul + Epic dinner!

We share our funny old nicknames, I dance in a shop + epic vegan pie, sushi roll, chippy dinner! ☆ My ebook ☆ Join...
CRIME BLOTTER: Parents rally behind arrested Centennial teacher

Parents whose children were taught by Summer Michelle Hansen, a Corona teacher arrested on suspicion of having sex with a student, are rallying to her defens...
Every Two Minutes Another Susie Or Steven

Every two minutes one more victim is added to the list of walking wounded. Can you calculate how many there are of us in the whole world? Because is isn't ju...
Michelle Hanson Muscle Building Program |

Michelle shares her winning secrets to a strong, lean, successful body. See more info at
Day in the Life with Determinite Michelle Hanson for her story.
My Next Book: Putting The Pieces Together

After many years of observing, studying people and myself in particular, reading and researching, I begin to understand what multiple influences make up who ...
Hebephilia Babysitter

Hebephilia- refers to an adult's sexual preference for pubescent youths. It is another term for Pedophilia and seems to be a growing problem seen prevalent w...
There was emotional, sexual, physical, mental abuse.

I grew up with, and subsequently lived my adult years in abusive environments. I now have been recovering from these abuses. Abuse, in particular the sexual ...
Locked Up Forever?

The Supreme Court is deciding whether or not a state can lock up a sex offender after they have served their sentence if it believes he or she will reoffend.
Corona High link Crew Symphony

Training our new leaders.
New sex charges filed against AISD teacher

An Austin Independent School District teacher who was arrested last week on charges of sexual assault of a child is facing new charges that he inappropriatel...
MORENO VALLEY: Analysis of Councilman Marcelo Co's arrest

Mark Acosta and Suzanne Hurt analyze what Moreno Valley Councilman Marcelo Co's arrest means for the city and the recall effort against him.
RIVERSIDE: New firefighters learn survival skills

The exercise, August 7 was part of several days of training at the Riverside Corporation Yard designed to reinforce the firefighters' skills and help them su...
Dreamhack summer 2013

Dreamhack summer 2013, invigning.
PE WAKE UP CALL: Moreno Valley councilman charged

Marcelo Co is charged with eight felonies of grand theft and fraud.
Sex Offender Law

Fort Smith, Arkansas makes use of new sex offender law.
Teacher Smiling As She Denies Not Having Sėx With 5 of Her Students

A California high school teacher accused of having sėx with five students was all smiles when she appeared in court this week. Summer Hansen, 31, couldn't st...
Poetry Reading "Winter In NY" (outhouse still a mile away)

Remember the old outhouses? Sitting on a frosty seat, poked in the butt by a frozen turd? Remember free JC Penny catalogs and Sears too? We always saved the ...
PE WAKE UP CALL: Bobcat found under car in Riverside

A man thought he hit a tiger when authorities found a bobcat, which was later released into the wild.
My Sister Sharon Comments

Sex offenders don't care one iota what they do to people's lives.
Centennial High School Head Football Coach Brian Rector

Centennial High School Head Football Coach Brian Rector speaks at the 2013 Football Focus Kickoff high school coaches' forum.
TEMECULA: Community discusses school district's actions

The parents of a special needs teen held a public meeting on Monday, Aug. 12, where they invited the public and had a discussion about the actions of their s...
PE WAKE UP CALL: Police investigate second shooting in Corona

Authorities said a woman was shot and killed in Corona Thursday, the second killing in two days. Follow for updates.
someone like you by Rachel Hansen

i really hope you guys like if you do pleez coment or subscribe or like.
Not Guitly of Sexual Assault in Harris County

Truth & Justice with Vivian King. Michael Odums shares his story of being Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault of a teenager. Attorney Vivian King and her Inves...
CRIME BLOTTER: Centennial H.S. teacher arrested in student sex case

A 31-year-old Corona Centennial High School teacher has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with on students on school grounds, police say. Summer Miche...
2Blog ''Dag 5'' Interview med Blogger (Michelle Hansen)

Her er vores interview med bloggeren Michelle Hansen! Følg os på facebook: Blogspot: http://two-2blog.blo...
Sex Offender Legislation

A tragedy on the Eastern Shore last Christmas has brought stepped up efforts in Annapolis for stricter sex offender laws. Megan Pratz says...a House Committe...
CRIME BLOTTER: Suspect arrested in Corona woman's killing

A Corona woman was killed Thursday afternoon near her home. This is the second shooting in two days in Corona.
When We Bury The Past, We Bury The Victim

A traumatic past cannot be buried; it rears its ugly head at the least provocation. Often it just sits in the chest dictating moods, actions, reactions. Life...
Comment: Society Has Come A Long Way In Assisting Victims of Sex Offenders.

We have come a long way, there are facilities in place to help victims of abuse. We have come a long way from the 1950's when you had nobody to turn to.
IGUIDE TODAY: PE Live at Hangar 24, Knott's Berry Farm and Olive Garden

On today's show Tim talks to us about the band Great Late performing at Hangar 24, Snoopy...Unleashed, Boom Town at Knott's Berry Farm and Olive Garden speci...
CORONA: Teacher's arraignment postponed; attorney says boys lied

For more on this story, visit:
CRIME BLOTTER: Man arrested in Moreno Valley car-to-car shooting

A man has been arrested in the car-to-car shooting in Moreno Valley on Sunday, Aug. 11, and deputies are looking for a black SUV that may have been involved ...