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Tauro and David from smokinghunks

Tauro and David playing around in leather and cigars. David is gay and Tauro is straight but very gay friendly. This webisode has classic lines like. "Again,...
Shooting for

Yesterday, I shot a solo video for and I made some behind the scenes videos for you guys:)
Joey and Kake, SmokingHunks DVD 257

Joey has been waiting for Kake to come home from work. Joey is relaxing with a cigar and he knows that will get Kake in the mood to fool around. They kiss, s...
Manuel Torres & David, SmokingHunks DVD 221

Manuel Torres & David, SmokingHunks DVD 221.
Tauro and Con from

Tauro is showing Con how to smoke a cigar for a photo shoot. Con it seems is a cigar smoker and doesn't need any help. This 10 minute video clip shows these ...
dvd 374 Mike Buffalari from

This video is for sale at Mike Buffalari with cigars in a solo performance that will leave you relaxed and drained.
Tauro at Venice Beach LA from

This is Webisode number 24 on Tauro's quest for the perfect body for competition. It Shows him flying to LA, and his visit to Gold's gym and Universal Studio...
DVD 251 Giovanni from

Gio takes another man and makes him enjoy his cigar as well as his own. Tight leather pants on Gio who is 6'4'' is an awesome sight. Smoking swapping and mus...
Spencer Reed, SmokingHunks DVD 308

Spencer Reed, SmokingHunks DVD 308.
Magnum w/ cigarettes, SmokingHunks DVD 215

Magnum in his dungeon takes you on as his boy. He commands your attention while he slowly blows smoke in your face and tells you what to do. He will strip ou...
Tony DeFina: Rogue Cop 2, SmokingHunks DVD 185

Tony DeFina: Rogue Cop 2, SmokingHunks DVD 185.
Constantinos Demetriou, SmokingHunks DVD 321

Constantinos really comes across as the guy next door. He talks about how smoking can be very sexy. While he takes in a deep inhale and exhales to the camera...
Xavier, SmokingHunks DVD 330

in this video clip you have Xavier Muscle in full leather smoking his reds and pulling on his chain .. visit for this incredible dvd.
Xavier, SmokingHunks DVD 320

Xavier, SmokingHunks DVD 320.
Samuel Colt, SmokingHunks DVD 371

Samuel Colt, SmokingHunks DVD 371.
Giovanni, SmokingHunks DVD 369

Giovanni, SmokingHunks DVD 369.
Dave Stone & Wayne, SmokingHunks DVD 91

Dave Stone & Wayne, SmokingHunks DVD 91.
Peter Latz dvd 266 smokinghunks

Peter Latz enjoys his stogies while showing off his contest ready body. Peter has many dvds for viewing while smoking in adult situations on smokinghunks.
Con & Cigars, SmokingHunks DVD 354

Con & Cigars, SmokingHunks DVD 354.
G-Force from Smokinghunks

GForce showing off his muscular body while enjoying a cigar.
Tauro from

Tauro explains why he shaves his body. I choose Tauro for my first video clip. He is most popular smoking model. He gave us a big scare a fe...
dvd 337 rob rossi from cigars

Rob Rossi in head to toe leather, flexing and smoking his cigar.
Rick Alenti from smokinghunks

Short segments from Rick alenti's adult videos.
Peter Latz, SmokingHunks DVD 266

Peter Latz, SmokingHunks DVD 266.
Otto Mann, SmokingHunks DVD 359

Otto Mann, SmokingHunks DVD 359.
Rob Rossi, SmokingHunks DVD 223

Rob starts out building a bench but never finishes, He lights up and strokes his cock. He knows he's a hot man with a cigar. He puckers his lips and draws th...
Frank Latz aka Giovanni, SmokingHunks DVD 240

Frank Latz aka Giovanni, SmokingHunks DVD 240.
Karim from Colt now on Smokinghunks

From smokinghunks dvd #73.
Rod Roddick cops and gars, SmokingHunks DVD 356

Rod Roddick cops and gars, SmokingHunks DVD 356.
Rod Roddick and Wayne, SmokingHunks DVD 174

Rod Roddick with all of that blood rushing through his muscles, he needs one more muscle pumped... for more visit
Tony Defina, SmokingHunks DVD 51

DVD 51 Tony DeFina Leather Jacket and Cigs.
Tank from smokinghunks with cigar

DVD 246 at Smokinghunks.
Smoking Hunks of Burning Love - Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood

Hot models featuring wash board abs and sexiness. disclaimer: Music belongs to Carrie Underwood and her awesomeness. I own nothing.
Otto Mann, SmokingHunks DVD 361

Otto Mann, SmokingHunks DVD 361.
Big Roger, SmokingHunks DVD 363

Big Roger, SmokingHunks DVD 363.
Rocco and Lorenzo, SmokingHunks DVD 143

Rocco and Lorenzo, SmokingHunks DVD 143.
Tauro and Samuel Colt in a  Cigar smoking webisode

We tried to do an erotic cigar smoking photo shoot with Tauro and Samuel Colt. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed filming.
This is a preview of DVD 380 G-Rated

This is a 3 minute G rated preview of Tauro's 1st x-rated video on
DVD 336 Tauro is "The Man in the Blue Suit"

This is the second video where Tauro is in a mask to hide his identity. Well, times have changed and Tauro has done his first solo video for
The passion of men and their cigars

This is a 3 minute clip showing the passion men have for cigars and where it leads them.
Smoking And Kissing Hunks 2014 (HOT) HD

Овај видео је отпремљен са Android телефона.
ger drunk again

ger drunk smoking a cigar.
Leatherman Cig

Smoking Hunks leatherman with a Red.

Smoking Hunks stud with a Red.
Cigar Cop Lightup

hot Smoking Hunks cop fires up a cigar.
cigar smoking bodybuilder

Peter Latz has many muscle worship videos. He is a smokinghunk who likes cigars while flexing and posing and getting an oil rubdown. He is a competitive body...
This is webisode 10 of Tauro with Peter Latz, Nick Harmon and G-Force smoking cigars and f

Body Building, Fitness and Training. Amateur Body Builders all around the World. No Pain No Gain. Muscle, Power and a Healty Life Style. BodyChannel01. The g...
Just a teaser of what you can see on this channel

Only cigarette smokers in this clip. Cigar clip is being made now.
Lukas with cigarettes

DVD 252 at Smokinghunks.