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Target Blue commercial spot

The greatest commercial ever made. Directed by Floria Sigismondi and featuring the song Beautiful World by Devo. The advertisements within the commercial fea...
SoaP  |  Ep 1  |  "Don't Drop The SoaP"

READ*] Here it is guys, our first episode. We had some issues with editing (Marky's computer deciding to die, OuTcasT's computer failing renders) but its d...
Long Time No...Talk? | COD4 Commentary

Youtube Team : As always please like if you enjoyed, comment to share your opinions and subscribe for more. Twitter : http:/...
Fucking Brands.  Boycott these Companies.

P & G Murderers Sabotage and Boycott Ariel laundry detergent Bounty paper towels, sold in the United States and Canada Braun, a small-appliances manufacturer...
Pokemon Fire red walkthrough part 43: Silph Co.

Silph Co is a building in Saffron City that created the Silph Scope that I used to see a Marowak in the Pokemon Tower. Team Rocket has gone into this buildin...
Guide How To Get Silph Scope To Pokémon Red/Blue

Starts outside the came corner in Celadon city.