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How To | Big Bun, Sock Bun & Messy Bun With Extensions

Everything you want to know is right here... Products Used: Sally's Euronext Extensions - 18 inch. Toffee Brown Donut Bun ( Sally's) Hair Spray Hair…
Proxies - Part 1 - Hak5

This time on Hak5, we begin a special series on proxies. Caching, filtering, security or anonymity -- whatever your reasons may be, Darren and I are…
Sock Sex

Puppet Sex
Black Socks

Striped socks are the most popular style of fashionable men’s socks, a pattern which is used extensively in contemporary fashion.
Toe Up Sock Class Week Two - Heel Extension

Join Planet Purl for Part Two of the second week of our Sock Class/Knitalong - Knitting the Heel Extension. Taught by Beth Moriarty, author of Deep…
Can you sock me? / Burlington commercial

From Uma Thurman's "Do you want to have Schweppes with me?" to kid's "Mom, can you sock me?"A 2013 commercial for Burlington.Brand: Burlington Year…
Sock Lops

Cartoon by David Firth
How To: Sock Bun with Extensions!

Thanks for watching my video! Subscribe for more! Do you have any questions or video requests? Comment down below and let me know! :) Have you seen…
Are Smart Socks The Future Of Fitness, Dancing, And More?

A company called Heapsylon is developing a pair of new "Sensoria Socks", the latest in wearable tech for fitness and athletics. The included…
The world within a sock Episode 2

Crazy cartoon...

Hello everyone! I decided to switch things up and do a hair tutorial. This is easy for anyone with short hair that want to do hairstyles! I'm using…
Sock \ Buskin Mask | Runescape Halloween event extension

This is a new item you can get from Deathcon II Runescape Halloween Event for 2011. It is an extra item retrieved from the theater at the top of…
Ole Lykoile - Hogtied-In-Socks

Do you like socks? Brandon Hardesty likes socks!
How To | Big Perfect Messy Sock Bun With Extensions

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial & it helped in some way! It's a quick and easy bun to do on those bad hair days when you still want to look cute…
Womens Cycling Socks

Womens Cycling Socks Eigo Collection Cycling Sock - Eigo Meryl Skinlife Performance sock, with variable weave pattern…

I guess this guy really loves his socks
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