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muddy days - National Trust

We all have a place that means something special to us. It might be the place we go to get away from it all, or the spot we spent every summer as a child. Whatever it is that makes your place...
The Atherton Project _ Getting Muddy

The Atherton Project series page at
Episode 8 begins with the team heading out on enduro bikes with 7X Paris-Dakar competitor Mick Extance...
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R. Atherton extends lead, while Smith closes in on G. Atherton

The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup presented by Shimano concluded with the penultimate fifth round of the Downhill which, as always, kept spectators guessing as to who would be the champion until...
The Atherton Project : Episode Eight

Huitième épisode de "The Atherton Project" retrouver plus d'informations sur
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Muddy Downhill MTB Racing in Cairns - UCI MTB World Cup 2014 Recap

Josh Bryceland places 2nd out of a field of 80 riders in the 2014 UCI MTB World Cup Downhill Race in Cairns, Australia. Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera fr. Get ready for the UCI MTB...
The Atherton Project - Season 2 Episode 4

Maribor, Slovenia for Round 1 of the Downhill World Cup. Rachel breaks her finger in training.

As the rain slows the course down, will she attempt the impossible and get herself on that podium?

Catch all the mayham and fun at…
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Glen Hall & Gil Evans - Muddy Waters

From "The Mother Of The Book" album. - Glen Hall - tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet - Gil Evans - arranger, conductor, electric piano - NEXUS (Bob Becker, Robin Engelman, Russell...
The Atherton Project - Season 2 Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Atherton Project starts with some mid season wheelbarrow atv fun to loosen the nerves back home in Wales.

It's strictly business from there as they compete in Leogang, Austria for round four of the World Cup, with the
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James Stock jumps atherton quarry gap, llangynog wales

james stock jumping a quarry gap.
The Atherton Project - Season 2 Episode 7

Episode 7 starts back at the Athertons' home in Wales. The family have their own trails behind the house which they train on whenever they're back home, and Dan and Gee hit the jumps.

Testing out a new line, suddenly, Dan disappears behind…
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muddy fox gap

my mate glen does a massive road gap on his muddy fox d3.
The Atherton Project - Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3 of The Atherton Project sees the whole crew gearing up for the first UK National of the year in Rheola, South Wales. It's Rachel's first proper race back on the bike, and having her competing again raises the spirits of the whole team, but…
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J Atherton  Concerto For Bassoon and String Orchestra

Jack Atherton: Concerto for Bassoon and String orchestra.(World Premiere) 1.Allegro moderato 2.Adagio 3.Allegro. Robert Rønnes, Bassoon. Stavanger Radio Orchestra. Conductor: Volker Schmidt...
The Atherton Project : Episode Seven

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Cafall Trail (Cwmcarn) (Jake's turn)

A bit of footage of the new trail at Cwmcarn, the Cafall trail! This is Jake's turn with the camera. Sorry if there is mud, but it does get muddy here in Wal...
The Atherton Project - Season 2 Episode 1

This premiere episode starts positively as we hear Darren Roberts, the Athertons trainer, explain how for the first winter in two years the family are actually all fit and healthy and ready to tackle the season ahead. We also learn of the familys...
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The Atherton Project - Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 5 of The Atherton Project kicks off in Vernon, New Jersey for the US Open. It's a constantly-changing, notoriously challenging track, and pushes the riders to their very limits. Off-track, Gee shares his slightly dubious American cable TV…
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Muddy downhill MTB run part 1 w/ my GoPro

me cruising down Black Cap Mtn near Lakeview, Oregon.
The Atherton Project _ MTB Racing, Fireworks, and Jet Skis

The Atherton Project series page at
Episode 6 of the Atherton Project kicks off at Mont St. Anne in Canada - one of the hardest, longest and...
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GoPro: Muddy Rides (MX VS. MTB)

a new video created with a gopro HD! please like and subscribe for more videos thanks!
The Atherton Project _ Bikes and Stunt Planes

The Atherton Project series page at
Gee and Rachel fight it out at the top of the standings while Dan is getting used to the fast world cup...
Badburyhill - Coleshill - GoPro HD - Downhill And Dirty

Downhill And Dirty @ Badburyhill - Coleshill MTB Dirt Jumping And Trail Riding. Enjoy watching our videos? If you enjoyed our video please click the like button and leave a comment for our members.
The Atherton Project _ California Dreamin'

The Atherton Project series page at
Gee, Rachel and Dan escape the cold weather in Wales to ride in California. While there, Rachel gets hit...
The Atherton Project : Episode Four

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2014 UCI World Cup - Cairns - Thursday Practice

Few clips from today's practice. Sloppy conditions with torrential rain limited my filming abilities as well as the riders. Like Captyvate Media to keep up to date:
The Atherton Project _ Mountain Bike Rampage

The Atherton Project series page at
Gee and Rachel are back to racing while Dan remains in the hospital. In the final World Cup stop in 2010...
Grogley Woods - FYEO Style

A day out at Grogley..... wet.... muddy..... windy...... A great day! We attempt a few jumps, drops, falls (good at falling) and some other more challenging terrain. Filmed January 28th 2013.
The Atherton Project _ Ups and Downs

The Atherton Project series page at
The Atherton’s compete in the World Cup race in Austria. While training in Wales, Dan breaks his neck in...
quad bike green laning 4

raptor and smc on muddy track near great dunmow.
The Atherton Project _ Racing and Resting

The Atherton Project series page at
In episode two of The Atherton Project, Dan and Gee prepare for there upcoming race at home in Wales...
Go Pro: Ben Edwards, Plusgarden, Run 2

track was good , it was muddy, second time down the track. loads of roots and rocks, cant really see them on a camera.
The Atherton Project : Saison 2 - Episode One

Premier épisode de la saison 2010 pour "The Atherton Project" retrouver plus d'informations sur
Maribor IXS European Cup 2013

Helmet cam IXS European Cup Final Muddy Conditions 09.2013.
The Atherton Project : Saison 2 - Episode Two

Deuxième épisode de la saison 2010 pour "The Atherton Project" retrouver plus d'informations sur
The Matthew Davies Experience - Biaspheric Films

The Long Awaited "Matthew Davies Experience". Matthew was part of the "Muddy Bum Bikes" downhill team for 2012 and across his whole race season he had himself on top of the podium on a few...
Beerburrum Sunshine Series Round 1 2010

Zipped Media Presents: Sunshine Series Round 1 Beerburrum 18/4/2010 The 2010 Sunshine Series kicks at the Beerburrum Track (glasshouse MTNs) Early in the morning during practice the track...
The Dogs and Downhill Project - Part 1

Raising awareness about dogs that don't get the proper exercise they need. Take your dog somewhere and let 'em run!
Milk It GB - Mountain bike

Find us on Facebook: Introducing our latest Milk It ambassador, Chris McGlinchey. Mountain Biker, Junior National Champion and adrenalin-junkie. Fearlessly...