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The Hoff  Rides Again!

David Hasselhoff answers some cheeky questions about his most famous alias Michael Knight in this exclusive Virgin Mobile Bites interview! For more…
The Hoff Drops--"Turn It Up" (excerpt)

an excerpt of a show on LIVING TV (UK television station) played on the View on ABC
The Hoff At It Again

Here's the Hoff drunk again. Where's KITT? He may need a ride home
Knight rider strip

THe Hoff likes!!!!!

This is David's arrival and the fans' response. I was watching intently for him at the entrance to the RALLY. What caught my eye was the "WWW…
At the Beach with "The Hoff"

David Hasselhoff goes back to the beaches of Malibu to hang out with the children of a charity that is close to his heart.
A Completely Wasted David Hasselfhoff

You Never Know Where The Hoff Might Show Up..:
The 'Hoff Gets Hassled

Chuckie prepares to be discharged from the hospital as "Doc" Snapper Foster (David Hasselhoff) grapples with his emotions. More Minisodes, free TV…
Slikk the Sneaky Snake Back at it Again

This was a 2v2 GB match me and my team mate fest had against the LoGic Duo (Unique and Serppy), we beat them 2-0 convincingly (; Thanks for Watching
Don't Hassel The Hoff!

The legendary Hoff gets hassled by some guys singing a song about not hassling him...GENIUS!
The Hoff is drunk Again - TSV 11/42

This week we spent the weekend with Simon & Henri in Warwickshire enjoying the countryside and excellent weather whist also entertaining Milly…
The Dutch and the Belgians at it again!!

The Dutch and the Belgians at it again!!
Bow and Arrow Babe

This is amazing...even the "Hoff" can't control himself
Could the garbage-stealing bear be at it again?

Remember the giant bear that stole dumpsters from a restaurant in Colorado? One man thinks he's at it again. Mathew Clark, a neighbor of the
New Knight Rider

Apparently, Kitt has a lot of extra features!
The Hoff Singing The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme

Made by Matthijs Vlot. Official Vimeo link:
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