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[Chong makes a strong point re God's unconditional love, and goes on to talk about how we should respond to God's love & grace..][The complete message will not fit in YouTube's box, so to see ALL of it, go to ] .[S. Chong] "great to see u all....easter..celebrate risen Christ..were emphasizing evangelism..newcomers ministry..encourage u..god is mmoving @ holy wave..if know somebdy..invite them to come to church..easter come on us..add numerically..excited..encourage u..vid for singles retreat..nice..why that pic? Why not me smiling..we do have epidemic..of men not rising up..but here we are..part 8 of "grow"..phrase "befor god works thru u, must first work in powerfully..must work in us week john 15.9-14 ..turn..powerpoint also.."as the father has loved remain in my joy may be in eachother...." ..3 weeks members banquet..reception..great food..wonderful time..highlight..recognizing ..I was at table w/ wife & kids..surprise..that's pastor stephen..son colin said "that's my dad" ..I'm saying shhhh.."quiet"..put my hand over his head ..wife said "colin is so proud of u" blessed my heart..uve heard of pastor kids (pk's) feeling disjointed from dads b/c they're so involved with ministry..if my son knew how proud, how much I loved was love that really matters..words actions..but what is it that really touches blesses..god's much ..Jesus gave up life..died..for us..Jesus remindning belivers..remain I have remained..share 3 points..according to god's the father's perspecxtive..what type of love can show..if newcomer..say "there's a love that really matters"..if u know god's love that ereally matters..halleljah..ptl..god is good all the time..all the time god is good..god's love matters..sing a new song..affliction...never be separated...share 3 points..god's love for us is what is Jesus saying by "remain in love...remain in I have.." all of us have. Passive grace..but that's incomplete...but also an active responsive end..god loves uncond..but seed ..power happens when u do what god commands..what god wants, desires..if passive still receive god's love, but active..power..when I first arrived..all loved unconditionally but how respond..experience full measure..when first came here..koran all nations races..this is just the tip..son father...son abt to grad from college..never asked for anything big..said.."dad I'm abt to grad..want new car.."..father.."we'll see..." grad said "proud of u.."..hands son a box..shook it..son thinks keys..tore for bible..sons name engraved..son became indignant..I don't ask for much..don't want to see u again..son leaves..broken off..years go by calls dad died..son asked me to meet with u..father gave me explicit directions..thin box..same bible..son opened bible..fell out..handwritten note..son I'm so proud of's my waiting at dealership..all those years..still loved..all of u if saved praise god..u have love..never change..god's predest..can't be changed..sealed signed delivered..but how much can we what god asks us to do..challenge u..r u just coming or r u being the church..then and only then..experience..receiving ..power of god?s love....2nd point..only when Jesus..own joy ..complete joy..did u kn..why do we have sad christians..jesus in u for salvation..when his own joy is placed in u..not the absence of sorrow that brings abt joy..only when jesus' own joy..every transl..makes it clear..then u will have complt joy..reason..quality level..connection..I've been praying for so breakthru..2 types of miracles..external..changing circumstance..miracle in u..sometimes he changes external circs..but lots of times miracle must occur withn u first..job not well, rshp..not well, feel overwhelmed..miracle in u happens o change first..if god always changes external circ..wants u to be prepared internally..rough day..tough circ..u stay up no placed in matter external circ..inexplicable joy..u should be sad, depressed,,medication..but u have the joy in u..jope in jesus can't be denied..story..2 pastor's wives..met..sewed husbands pants..1st wife..husb down & out..thinking of quitting..2nd husb doing well..both kept sewing..1st wife sewing holes in seat of pants, 2nd wife sewing holes in knees...sometimes too busy sitting, not is in your hands Jesus...nobody else to turn too..if u purchase me, I am your respons..Jesus says b/c u remain in my love..why fruit of joy.."if love me, remain in me...".. get phone, charge it..not fully charged..but when god's love fills u fully 100%.. 3rd point.."not just any love, but personal sacrificial love" this passage very subtle..first & lord..all heart ..2nd love neigghbor as self..'ove love neighbbor so worker so ..? Jesus says them as much as I love's a greater love..not dying literally..but can u show that sac build that brother this church..saw all these koreans..said lord help me..but what's so the people here..quality..disciples..dare u find me another group who will go extra mile..discipleshp training program..share w/ u..last fall...sept..elder..short..takes care of facility..Friday..back to gatorade's back there..see him spraying to head up..had gatorade..startled him..with my broken korean..sat & sun have hard time going back..older ladies..see them..squatting...peeling roots..saw elder....he was wearing apron..50's & 60's chopping cutting..personal sacrificial love..people sweat energy to u see..they come here..put it here..personal for Jesus..they love Jesus..& u & me..we easily overlook..some complain..too salty..strength of church, Jesus is king of this & women should be retiring..but they're cooking..sweating..b/c they love u &me [well, well, I have a point ..but will save it for later...see footnote 1]..holy wave..holy wave...sometimes we need kick in butt..roll up season coming..god's going to raise up new generation..blessing with personal sacrificial love..newcomer will say he feels love of god..what type of love r u showing that really matters..his love we celebr 2 weeks..easter Sunday..if see people serving..say thanks..bless them say appreciate it..we will be church that is out .. [Footnote 1: My point is we don't need physical food at church, ..we need spiritual food..just the word of god..don't need cafeteria..some older adults are doing what they do to control..its control..its obsess compuls.... Be careful of becoming arminian...trying to "earn' salvation..can't earn..I know chong doesn't mean to sound arminian..that's always a fineline to straddle ..exhorting good works vversus falling for the fallacy that good works can save u..that's what I'm afraid some of the older gen has fallen for..and their "fruits" are an attempt to earn salvation and competitively "do more" than the younger ones rather than lovingly serve b/c of grace..does our older gen think of themselves as "sinners saved by grace" or "good people doing a lot of good things for God which He will reward"...there's a big difference..but there may be some specific aspects Chong is preaching to at this particular congreg

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