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Alexey Goloborodko's contortion show on Russian TV feat. Charles Gounod's "Ave Maria" Addictive Video Surfing!

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Alexey Goloborodko (Алексей Голобородько) performing his one of a kind and stunning contortion show at "Minute of Glory"/"Минута Славы" tv show on Russian television featuring Charles Gounod's "Ave Maria". Alexey Goloborodko is a dancing contoritonist from Tula (Russia). Born in 1994 he has been training since age 5. He practices classical and modern dance as well as wushu additional to his 3 hours of daily contorsion training. Alexey Goloborodko is trained by Vladislav Rodin, the same trainer of famous Vovka Gagarin. Rodin puts emphasis on the dancing aspect so that the contortion appearance becomes a very graceful event. This young russian boy has been a talent at the age of three or four, today he's simply the sensation of the century and for me the most flexible contortionist ever. He, and his actual teacher Rodin are a unique combination. I am sure, they will make dreams come true, not only for themselves but also for the worldwide contortion community. Alexey is representing the pure art of contortion. I had the privilege to watch his various performances and spontaneus you may think, that boy must be from a different galaxy. The history of contortion has just started with a new chapter!

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