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Go to my FREE workout plan Build Muscle and Burn Fat FAST AS HELL! Key Nutrition Strategies For Ripped Abs A 6-pack is the hallmark of having a ripped body. No fitness or figure competitor would be caught without one. However, for those of us who didn't win the genetic lotto when it comes to flat abs, achieving a 6-pack isn't as simple as doing ab exercises and watching what you eat. Instead, you need to hunker down and tweak your diet to perfection. Try these 10 strategies and soon you'll want bathing suit season to be 1. Eat Often This should be a no brainer but some people literally have to set their Blackberry to beep when it is time to eat. When we eat we burn calories (thermogenic effect of eating) and we end up less hungry later. Skip meals and you are setting the stage to overeat at your next meal. So, do what it takes to remember to eat often. 2. Drink Green Tea Green tea extract when combined with caffeine, increases energy expenditure (calories burned). Studies have also shown that habitual green tea consumers are better able to maintain their weight. Researchers have theorized that weight maintenance is easier due to increased thermogenesis and fat oxidation. Tea has a multitude of other benefits as well so you can't go wrong with adding tea to your diet. If you prefer, try an energy drink with green tea extract and caffeine 3. Be Wary Of Sugar Free Products How many people do you know who chew packs of sugar free gum or candies so they won't eat? Sounds like a good idea, especially the sugar free kind. The thing is, many sugar free gums and candies have sugar alcohols in them which can cause bloating and abdominal discomfort. In large quantities, they can also cause a laxative effect in some people. Many sugar alcohols are known by their "-ol" ending: mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, lactitol, maltitol. Mannitol is the worst offender when it comes to gas and bloating. 4. Quit Boozing If you are going to drink alcohol, at least drink wine and get a few antioxidants. But seriously, cut the alcohol. Do you know anyone who has ripped abs and still drinks on a regular basis (and yes, weekly counts as regularly!)? No, you don't, unless they are a genetic freak of nature. And, if you were a genetic freak of nature with naturally rock-hard abs, you probably wouldn't be reading this article. When you Download the FREE workout plan it will contain WORKOUT VIDEOS (that you can put on you iPod!) and the FREE fitness and nutrition ebook The Ultimate Fitness Manual you will show you: •How you can workout LESS and get better results! •How to Drastically reduce your body fat and transform your entire body in as little as 6 Weeks! •How you can lose more fat by eating MORE FOOD! •And much more! Download the FREE workout plan NOW at g

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