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Subscribe to--► Follow me in Twitter--► Saima Khan, formerly working as constable of Punjab Police, entered into the world of Pakistan (punjab) stage very silently as actress & dancer. Initially no one took notice of her arrival but later she got fame due to her nudity and bold dances especially after release of her "Dances CD" containing frontal nudity. In one way, she is the founder of such bold performance in CD releases & Pakistan stage as well. After this, many other (new coming) performers did the same way and released the naked dances e.g., Ajnuman Shehzadi, Nida Chaudhry. They put the previously successful stage actresses behind the scenes like Nurgas, Megha, Dedar, Khushbu,Hina shaheen,Shehzadi,Aasha chaudhr etc etc In 2008 During way back after performing in a theater ,she was attacked by unknown people with fire arms and she got serious injuries. These days she is not performing due to severe threats. Her stage (and CD)dances called Mujra are popular among people and widely seen on youtube & other video sites. Mujra is a form of dance originated by North Indian tawaif (courtesans) during the Mughal era. Mujra incorporates elements of Kathak dance and is based on thumris, ghazals or popular poems from the likes of Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Bahadur Shah Zafar etc.[1] Mujra was traditionally performed at mehfils and in special houses called kothas. In Jaipur, the tradition of performing mujra was a family art and often passed down from mother to daughter. Although tawaif later became a synonym for prostitute and kotha a synonym for brothel, earlier tawaif were artists and entertainers.[2] During the Indian Rebellion of 1857 mujra performances provided an opportunity for revolutionaries to meet and many tawaif were also actively involved in the movement. As a result, many kothas were confiscated by the British after the rebellion, disrupting the traditional tawaif succession.[3] By the early 1900s, many tawaif had moved into the prostitution industry as the traditional system had broken down. Some tawaif moved to the film and music industry like Gauhar Jaan and Bollywood actress Nargis.[4] Mujra has experienced a modern revival in India and other countries such as Russia. Modern mujra dancers perform at events like weddings, birthday events and bachelor parties, often performing a modern form of mujra along with popular Bollywood dance styles. Mujra has been depicted in Bollywood films like Umrao Jaan and Devdas.[5]

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