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A lesser-known fact about last months world record truck jump by Monster Energys Johnny Greaves is that his counterpart in the Monster Army and reigning King of all distance jumpers, Ryan Capes, busted a world record himself with a 290-foot world record effort off the same jump that Greaves was using at Jeremy McGraths ranch outside San Diego. Capes jump was a downplayed a bit due to Greaves being the first guy to break the 300-foot barrier in a truck, something Capes was certainly cool with. However, with additional footage just made available, officials at Monster Energy put together a video showcasing Capes Guinness Book of World Records-documented leap making him the closest motorcycle jumper ever to reaching the magical 300-foot mark on a dirt ramp to dirt ramp jump. For his part Capes said the jump itself wasnt as difficult as trying to get his Pro Circuit-tuned Monster Energy Kawasaki/Service Honda KX500 up to nearly 100 mph on an in-run to the take-off jump that had been ripped to shreds by Greaves 3,800-pound, 800-horsepower TORC off-road PRO 2WD. Fifth gear tapped out at 98 miles per hour and Im leaning off the back fender like Im riding through sand, said Capes. It was pretty hairy. Lot of wheel spin. Capes nailed the take off, easily cleared the 200-foot gap and landed some 90 feet down the banked out-run. He said he did think about pulling a trick, but opted out due to the speed and lack of height (he was only 25 feet or so off the ground at 100 mph), versus the area of 50 feet in his 400-foot ramp-to-dirt attempts. But in the end it was a Guinness World Record, which hell take for now. I was the first guy to jump 300 feet ramp-to-dirt, the first to jump 300 feet ramp-to-ramp and plan on being the first to jump 300 feet dirt-to-dirt, he added. Capes has a series of four spectacular jumps coming up for Monster Energy in 2010. Stay tuned to for what he calls his Big plans.

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