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The clip Bobby's funeral from The Basketball Diaries (1995) with Leonardo DiCaprio, James Madio I looked at his body, and it was death for the first time. His face was thin and wrinkled, almost apelike. His hair, just gray patches on his scalp. He looked 60 years old, and he was 16. Couldn't believe how skinny he was... much skinnier than he was in the hospital. It was like having the skeleton of someone you knew put right in front of you. I felt dazed, like I'd just come out of a four-hour movie I didn't understand. I kept thinking about his face... and death... what a cheat the whole thing was. Hey, you guys remember that Halloween when Bobby filled that paper bag with dog shit, lit it on fire and put it outside Father Dunne's door, and we all hid behind the dumpster? Yeah. I could picture Father Dunne comming outside, stepping on that shit. Picture him in the john... scraping the shit off his shoe like this. You think that'll keep him out of heaven? Are you kidding? Jesus Christ himself would have laughed at that. It was hilarious! What about the time at the formal when Bobby got caught in the bathroom with Mary Ann Dugan and McNulty came in and busted him?

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