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Okay so this video was never gonna happen, considering i care about music more than my hair all around. BUT. this video has been asked for again and again, and i was first only going to post it on my facebook because hair has nothing to do with music... But i realized Youtube has way more people asking soooo....... i figured WHY NOT post it to mah channel?? ^.^ I had a lot of fun making this , i had 2 of my awesome friends film it with me! Lauren: Moriah: (BIG thank you to Mo, she let me borrow her super amazing camera for this!) If you still have more questions, just go on my facebook and let me know and I'll try to answer the questions that i see pop up a lot. Thanks guys, YOU'RE ALL AWESOME !! :D By the way, I have MERCHANDISE finally !! So excited about it! If yur looking for shirts and doohickeys of mine, click HERE! THANKS GUYS ! :D Check out more Extra Grimmie here! Subscribe for more of Christina Grimmie's Me Singing Covers, Above All That Is Random songs and VLogs!: My EP :: talk to me! :: Mah WEBSITE: Mah Facebook: Mah Twitter:!/therealgrimmie Mah Store: ----- The Hair Tutorial - By: Christina Grimmie

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